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(666A) Stumbling Over The Christ In The "Baptizing" (Christening) Of You And Your Children.
(666B) Baptism:  Its Meaning And What It Symbolizes.  (666A cont.)
(666C) Examples And Warnings Against Sharing In The Work Of Deceivers Who Are Antichrists.
An Explanation Of The Works Of Deceivers
Among Those Falsely Confessing Christ.  (666C cont.)
(666E) 1 Timothy 2:11-14.  (666D cont.)
(666F) Christmas?  God's Will Or Yours?
(666G) Reasoning It Out.  (666F cont.)
(666H) Obtaining Perfect Measurements.
(666I) The Debate At The Persian Court Of What They Judged The Strongest.
"Outside Are The Dogs And Those Who Practice Spiritism And The Fornicators
  And The Murderers And The Idolaters And Everyone Liking And Carrying On A Lie."
(666K) The Importance Of The New Covenant.
(666L) Husbands And Wives.
(666M) Adultery.
(666N) The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses Will Become An "Object Of Astonishment"!
(666O) Authorities.  The Source Of Power Of "Those Ruling" As An "Object Of Fear".
(666P) Who Or What Are The Superior Authorities Placed In Their Relative Positions By God?
(666Q) Objects Of Astonishment To Be Whistled At:  The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses.
(666R) Letter sent to denounce article printed in the Cwmbran Star.
(666S) Daniel 11:40 to 12:3 (Moffatt) undergoing fulfilment.
(666T) The Calculation Of "A Man's Number" 666.
(666U) The "Image Of The Wild Beast".  (666T cont.)
(666V) The Reality Will Replace Prophecies Of Uncleanness.
(666W) Gather What 'Again' ?
In One "Hour" The Judgement Of God Will Arrive Upon
The "Wild Beast", The "False Prophet" And "Babylon The Great".
(777exeg) An Exegesis Of Page 777.  Identifying The Work Of Despoilers By Their Recommendations.
(777) "Are We Starting Again To Recommend Ourselves"?
(778) Are We Recommending Men Who Recommend Themselves?  (777 cont.)
(779) (778 cont.)
(780) "That Woman Jezebel" Is Now Identified.  (779 cont.)
(781) Further Identification Of "That Woman Jezebel" Today.  (780 cont.)
(782) Who Will Be The "Leftover (Ones)"?  (781 cont.)
(783) To Whom Do You Belong?
(784) (783 cont.)
"Look! I Am About To Throw Her Into A Sickbed, And Those Committing Adultery
  With Her Into Great Tribulation, Unless They Repent Of Her Deeds."  (784 cont.)
(786) "In This Way The Last Ones Will Be First, And The First Ones Last."
(787) (786 cont.)
(788) Man And Woman's Place In The Arrangement of God Under The Authority Of His Son.
(789) (788 cont.)
(790) The Lord's Evening Meal.
(791) (790 cont.)
(792) "Do Not Handle, Nor Taste, Nor Touch." (791 cont.)
(793) (792 cont.)
(794) Can You Be Taught Without Annoyance?
(795) (794 cont.)
How Far Has The "Harlot" "Mother" Reached Out
Among The People Through Her "Harlot" 'Daughters'?
(797) (796 cont.)
"Get Out Of Her, My People, If You Do Not
  Want To Share With Her In Her Sins".  (797 cont.)
(799) Are You Still A "Thicket Of Thorns" Or Are You Now A "Juniper Tree"?
(800) Ministering The "Good News". (Women).  (788 & 789 cont.)
(801) Colporteurs.  (800 cont.)
(802) "Let Wives Be In Subjection To Their Husbands As To The Lord".  (801 cont.)
(803) Jonadabs.
As A Congregation, Are You Intoxicated With
Wine From The "Vine Of The Earth"?  (803 cont.)
A Deliberate Allowance Of Error From The
Governing Body of  JWs Against Spiritual "Israel".
(806) (805 cont.)
(807) "The Lord Be With The Spirit You Show."
"All Scripture Is Inspired Of God And Beneficial For Teaching, For Reproving,
  For Setting Things Straight, For Disciplining In Righteousness".  (807 cont.)
(809) Diotrephes.
(810) The "Ahab" Of Today And Their "Jezebel" Wives.
(811) Jezebel Women.  (810 cont.)
"For The Time That Has Passed By Is Sufficient For You To Have Worked Out
  The Will Of The Nations When You Proceeded In Deeds Of Loose Conduct…"
The Parallel Works Of "Jezebel" Today And Their "Ahab" Husbands,
Together With Spiritual Meanings And Their Fulfilment.
Why Priests Who Are Robbing Jehovah Are To Be Cleansed
Or Cut-Off Before Jehovah's "Great And Fear-Inspiring Day".
(815) (814 cont.)
Addressed To:  Those Called To Be Anointed Ones And
Those Acting In Their Place Among The Sect Of JWs.  (815 cont.)
(817) The "Two Parts" To Be Cut Off.
They Continue To Care For The Outside Of The Building, While
Their Termites Devour The Main Members They Should Be Supporting.
(819) Ezekiel 9:3-7 & 9:11. The Latter-Day Fulfilment.
(820) The "Two Parts" That Will Be Cut Off "In All The Land".  (817 cont.)
(821) Are You Still Like Sheep Going Astray?
(822) Theocratic Appointments Today.
(823) (822 cont.)
(824A) "What Are These Wounds [On Your Person] Between Your Hands?"
(824B) Widemouthed Cooking Pots?  Take From Them?  Boiling In Them?  When?  (824A cont.)
(824C) We Are     In "That Day".  (824B cont.)
(824D) (824C cont.)
(824E) (824D cont.)
"The Letters Indeed, Say They, Weighty And Strong, The But Presence Of
  The Body Weak And The Word Having Been Treated As Utterly Nothing."
"Flesh And Blood Did Not Reveal [It] To You,
  But My Father Who Is In The Heavens Did."
"To The Extent That You Did Not Do It To One
  Of These Least Ones, You Did Not Do It To Me."
(828) (827 cont.)
In Rebuttal Of The False Prophecy Of F. W. Franz
Who Among JWs Declared 'The Princes Are Here!'

"And Some Of Those Having Insight Will Be Made To Stumble, In Order To Do A
  Refining Work Because Of Them And To Do A Cleansing And To Do A Whitening,
  Until The Time Of The End; Because It Is Yet For The Time Appointed." (829A cont.)
(830) A Brief Explanation Of The Prophecy Of Malachi.
(831) (830 cont.)
(832) (831 cont.)
(833) (832 cont.)
(834) Symbolic And Prophetic Meanings From The Book Of Malachi. (NWT).  (833 cont.)
(835) (834 cont.)
(836) Receiving Holy Spirit For Sanctification     Before Or After Water Baptism?

"Many Will Cleanse Themselves And Whiten Themselves And Will Be Refined. And The
  Wicked Ones Will Certainly Act Wickedly, And No Wicked Ones At All Will Understand;
  But The Ones Having Insight Will Understand."
(838) (837 cont.)
(839) (838 cont.)
(840) What Is The Scriptural Identity Of The One "Causing Desolation"?
(841) (840 cont.)
(842) Psalm 68:11-13 of Ginsburg's Hebrew Bible with writer's comments.
(843) (839 cont.)
(844) (843 cont.)  (Spiritual Meanings Of Daniel 11:30-39 and 12:1-13).
(845) (844 cont.)  (Spiritual Meanings Of Daniel 11:39 to 12:13).
(846) A New Song.  To The Only Living God And Creator Of All Things.
(847) Copy of a letter from those "who say they are Jews… but are lying".
(848A) Speaking In "Tongues".  (An explanation of 1 Corinthians 14:1-33 NWT & Greek T.)
(848B) Prophesying.  (From 1 Cor 14:1-6).  (848A cont.)
The "Disgusting Thing" Are The "Arms":  Followers Of Apostates And Their
Teachings, Who Rule In Place Of God's Anointed Sons His "Sanctuary" Class.
(850) (Accompanies Diagram on Page 849).
(851) Scriptural Proof Of The Identity Of The "Disgusting Thing" Now Sighted.
"And He Will Intend To Change Times And Law, And They Will
  Be Given Into His Hand For A Time, And Times And Half A Time."
(853A) Fulfilment Of Revelation 10:7 to 11:18 During The "Lord's Day".
"And Seven Thousand Persons Were Killed By The Earthquake,  And
  The Rest Became Frightened And Gave Glory To The God Of Heaven."  (853A cont.)
(854) The "Disgusting Thing" Are The JW Apostates Standing In Authority In A Holy Place.
Because You Do Not Know On What Day Your Lord Is Coming,
Keep Spiritually Awake That You May Know The Watch Of His Coming.
What The Writings Of Numbers Ch.16 And The Book
Of Jude Have In Common With Spiritual "Israel".
(857A) The Judgement Of Daniel 7:26.  When?  Against Whom?

"But After Three Days And A Half The Breath Of Life From God Entered Them;
  They Stood On Their Feet (Terror Fell On Those Who Saw Them) And Heard
  A Loud Voice From Heaven Telling Them, "Come Up Here." So Up To Heaven
  They Went In A Cloud, Before The Eyes Of Their Enemies."  (857A cont.)
(858) Bringing Sons Of God Into A Unity In Christ.
(859A) The Way Of Holiness.  When?  For Whom?
(859B) Symbolic language used by God through the prophet Isaiah.  (35:4-10 NWT).  (859A cont.)
Concerning The Final Part Of The Denunciation,
When Christ Was Deprived Of The "Daily Sacrifice".
(861A) The "Man Of Lawlessness" Identified.
(861B) (861A cont.)
To Apostates:  He Will Have To Say, 'Those With Which I Was
Struck In The House Of My Intense Lovers.'  (861B cont.)
(862) What Is This "Disgusting Thing"?  The "Sacrilegious Abomination"?
"For Rebelliousness Is The Same As The Sin Of Divination, And Pushing
  Ahead Presumptuously The Same As Using Uncanny Power And Teraphim."
(863B) (863A cont.)
(864A) Do You Have The Symbolic Mark Of The Wild Beast, Or The Number Of Its Name?
(864B) (864A cont.)
(864C) (864B cont.)
(864D) (864C cont.)

"But the Day of the Lord will come; it will come, unexpected as a thief.
  On that day, the heavens will disappear" "and the elements will be dissolved
  with fire, and the earth and the works that are upon it" "will be laid bare."

"…the Ethiopians following in his train. Then rumours from the east and the north
  shall alarm him, till he retires in great fury to inflict doom and destruction on many,
  pitching his royal pavilions between the Mediterranean and the sacred hill so fair.
  So shall he come to his end, with none to help him."
  (865A cont.)
"And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of
  the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish."  (865B cont.)
(865D) The Final Denunciation And Condemnation.  (865C cont.)
"Well, Then, You Ought To Have Deposited My Silver Monies With The Bankers,
  And On My Arrival I Would Be Receiving What Is Mine With Interest."
(866B) The "Talents".  (From Matthew 25:14-46).  (866A cont.)
Cont. from:  Who Are The "Least" Ones?  (Pages 827 & 828)
            And:  The "Talents" (Pages 866A & 866B)
(867A) The Basic Purpose Why The Christ Jesus Instituted His "Meal".
(867B) (867A cont.)
(867C) Denunciations Upon The Disgusting Things Standing In A Holy Place.  (867B cont.)
(868) The "Obscure Expression".
"But Let Endurance Have Its Work Complete, That You May Be
Complete And Sound In All Respects, Not Lacking In Anything."
(870) Why Almighty God Gathered 144,000 Holy Ones.
(871A) God And His Son Did Not Create Adam In Their "Image" And "Likeness".  (870 cont.)
(871B) (871A cont.)
(872) Loving Children Become Loving Parents?
(873) The "Bowls Before The Altar".  (See Pages 824A to 824E).
(874) Will You Experience The Coming Death Of Your Firstborn Son?
Removing Another Boulder Of Stumbling For God's People.
Regarding The Prohibited Use Of The Word 'Lucky'.
"But In The Days Of The Sounding Of The Seventh Angel,
  When He Is About To Blow His Trumpet".
(877A) The Wrath Of God (His Sword Of Lightning) Upon Diviners.
(877B) Divine.    Diviners?    Divination?  (877A cont.)
(878A) Who Are The "Locusts" That Will Desolate The "Land"?
And Why Will They Desolate It?
(878B) Denunciations "Until An Extermination".  (878A cont.)
(879) For All Who Seek The Laws Of God Under His Administration.
(880) You Are Debtors To Ministers Of Spiritual Things.
(881) There Are Many 'Daughters' Of "Jezebel" Today.
(882) Stubbornness.
(883A) "The Inhabitants Of The Land"     What Land?

We "Got To Know" When God Had Concluded The Gathering Of
The 144,000 Covenant Members Of His "Little Flock" Worldwide,
 And Members Of The "Great Crowd".
(883A cont.)
(884) "Take Yet For Yourself The Implements Of A Useless Shepherd".  (883B cont.)
"Look! I Am Sending To You People Elijah The Prophet Before
  The Coming Of The Great And Fear-Inspiring Day Of Jehovah."
(885B) (885A cont.)
(885C) (885B cont.)
"Afterwards The Sons Of Israel Will Come...
  Quivering To Jehovah... In The Final Part Of The Days".

"Israel Clamours, "A Prophet Is A Crazy Fool, A Man Inspired Is A Man Insane!"
     Such Is The Pitch Of Your Iniquity, The Pitch Of Your Hostility.  The Prophet Is
 God's Watchman, Placed Over Ephraim".  (866A cont.)
"And The Dead Body Of Jezebel Will Certainly Become As Manure Upon The Face Of
  The Field In The Tract Of Land Of Jez're.el, That They May Not Say: "This Is Jezebel.""
"And your covenant with death will certainly be dissolved… The overflowing
  flash flood, when it passes through     you must also become for it a trampling place."
(24/11/82) The Destiny Of Double-Faced Visionaries.  And Those Of The "Escaped Company".
"The Vintage Will Be Over, And No Produce Gathered In"?
  What Initiates The Period Of "A Year And Some Days"?

  The Lord, The Eternal, Israel's Majesty, Declares:
"Your Safety Lies In Ceasing To Make Leagues, Your Strength Is
  Quiet Faith.  But This You Would Not Have, You Answered, No".
(8/12/82) The Prophecy And Related Questions Raised Against The King Of Babylon.
(10/12/82) So Who Is The Real "King Of Babylon"?  (8/12/82 cont.)
"And They Gathered Them Together To The
  Place That Is Called In Hebrew Har-Ma.ged'on".
(20/12/82) Warring Against God With Peaceful Demonstrations?  (16/12/82 cont.)
"And Here He Is Eating... And Here He Is Drinking, And He
  Actually Awakes And Here He Is Tired And His Soul Is Dried Out".
(3/1/83) Mount Zion.  (25/12/82 cont.)
(12/1/83) "Driving [Others] To Work" Is To Enslave Them With Work.  (20/12/82 cont.)
(22/1/83) The Order Of God's Judgement.
(21/3/83) Are You An "Afflicted" One?  (The explanation of Isaiah 32:1-18).
(12/5/83) The Explanation Of Jude V.21-23.
The end taking place of all dictatorships (the king of the North)
and all democracies (the king of the South).
(27/8/83) Gog Identified.
(2/9/83A) Tell It In Judah!
(2/9/83B) Publish It Now!  Hide Nothing.  (2/9/83A cont.)
(8/9/83A) The Despoilers.
(8/9/83B) (8/9/83A cont.)
(12/9/83) When Spirit "Grain" From God Bears Fruit.  (The prophecy of God through Haggai).
(17/9/83) "From This Day I Shall Bestow Blessing."  (12/9/83 cont.)
(25/9/83) "The Deliverer Will Come Out Of Zion And Turn Away UnGodly Practices From Jacob."
(4/10/83) Harvesting People Of God.
(11/10/83) Escapees From The Modern-Day "Assyrian".
(3/11/83) Lebanon:  Like A "Woman Giving Birth"?
(10/11/83) Identifying Beneficial Labour And The Result Of Hard Work.
(16/11/83) When "The Whole Earth Has Come To Rest".
(1/12/83) The Despoiling Of Despoilers.  (8/9/83B cont.)
(14/12/83) Why Jews Are "Beloved For The Sake Of Their Forefathers."
"From The Sunrising I Shall Bring Your Seed,
  And From The Sunset I Shall Collect You Together".  But How?
(23/12/83) Spirit "Waters" From North, South, East and West.
To "Israel" Jehovah Has Said:  "I Have Given Egypt As A Ransom For You, Ethiopia
And Seba In Place Of You",  "Nubia And Seba Are Your Price."  (23/12/83 cont.)
(30/1/84) Christ's Presence,  Manifestation,  Revelation,  And The Bright "Morning Star".
(10/2/84) "Esau Represents The End Of The First Age,
  And Jacob The Beginning Of The Next Age."
"When You Seek To Be Justified By Way Of Law,
  Your Relation With Christ Is Completely Severed."
(3/3/84) "A Contemptible Creature Will Succeed But Will Not Be Given Recognition As King..."
(5/3/84) Daniel 11:16 to 12:3 NEB with comments.  (3/3/84 cont.)
(14/3/84) When He-Goat For Azazel Encounters He-Goat For Azazel.

Detestari:  Calling God To Witness Against The Sect Falsely Calling
Themselves Jehovah's Witnesses, But Who In Reality Are:
"The Abominable Thing That Causes Desolation".
"The Disgusting Thing That Is Causing Desolation".
(29/3/84) The Christ's Manifestation.
(3/4/84) "Therefore God Visits Them With An Active Delusion".  (29/3/84 cont.)
(5/4/84) "But The Coming Of That Wicked Man Is The Work Of Satan."  (3/4/84 cont.)
(14/4/84) The "Lawless One"     And The Antichrist.
(5/5/84A) The "Iron" And "Clay" Intermarriages Of Daniel 2:43 (NEB).
(5/5/84B) International Terror Through Politics     Destroyed By Mount Zion.  (5/5/84A cont.)
(18/5/84A) The Basic Requirements Of God Regarding His Prophets.
(18/5/84B) (18/5/84A cont.)
(30/5/84) The "Contemptible Creature".
(14/7/84) Why The Spirit Of Joy Among Mankind Will Dry Out.
Ar'i.el Is Where Humans Will Gain Or Lose Spirit
By Their Deeds On The Spiritual "Altar" Of God.  (14/7/84 cont.)
(20/7/84) The Signal.  Why Ethiopia Is Dry.  Why They Are Being Sacrificed By God.

(1) After The Signal, Bitter Lamentation Over The Christ.
(2) Spiritual Drought, Scourging, And Slaughter.
(3) Beginning The Celebration Of The Festivals Of Booths.
  This Is The Will Of God For Earth's Inhabitants.
"When That Day Comes":  The Fulfilment Of Isaiah 19:1-25 (NEB).
  Why The Nile Of Egypt Will Dry Up In Sacrifice As Part Of The Signal From God.
(27/7/84A) The Festivals Of Booths Celebrated
"In Summer And Winter" Are For "Life's Water Free".
(27/7/84B) The Physical Requirements.  (27/7/84A cont.)
(31/7/84) Drought, Famine And "Plague" In Ethiopia And Egypt.  (26/7/84 cont.)
The Signal.  Proof That The God Of Spiritual
"Mount Zion" Is Active In His Prophesied Striking Of Egypt.
(13/8/84) The "Wasting Disease" Of Isaiah 10:12-25.  Its Cause And Explanation. (NWT).
(27/9/84) The "Contemptible Creature" Of Daniel 11:21 (NEB).
(3/10/84) "This King Too Will Meet His End".  (27/9/84 cont.)
(2/11/84A) "Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon".
(2/11/84B) (2/11/84A cont.)
(31/12/84A) The Cause Of Unemployment And Famines.
(31/12/84B) Political Inducements.  (31/12/84A cont.)
(31/12/84C) The Last Employers Of Oppression.  (31/12/84B cont.)
(7/1/85A) The Judicial Decision Of God.
(7/1/85B) Are Ethiopian Jews Among The Survivors Of Judah?  (7/1/85A cont.)
(14/1/85A) "On The Day Of The Lord's Sacrifice".
(14/1/85B) The Worldwide Hierarchy Of Sects.  (14/1/85A cont.)
Sign at Meah Shearim.  Some of its content is
offensive according to the Word of God.  (14/1/85B cont.)
(23/1/85) Of Those Who Will Become A Reproach And An "Eternal Abhorrence".
(4/2/85A) Almighty God Is Putting Ethiopians To Death.
(4/2/85B) Egypt And Ethiopia As A Ransom For The Spiritual Nation Of God.  (4/2/85A cont.)
(14/2/85) The Quaking And Judgement.
(17/2/85) "Every Large Jar Is Something That Gets Filled With Wine."
(27/2/85) The "Works" Of Warring Against God.
(5/3/85) Reaching Egypt's Treasures.
(9/3/85A) Ostracism From Almighty God.
(9/3/85B) 'Church Ladies Kick Out Preacher After Jumble Sales Row.'  (Article).  (9/3/85A cont.)
(13/3/85) 'The Disciple Of Death.' (Article).
(26/3/85) Baptism.  Those Who Pass On Destructive Baptisms Are "Most To Be Pitied".
(28/3/85) Our Lord Will Do Away With Lawless Ones By The Spirit Of His Mouth.  (26/3/85 cont.)
(13/4/85) Forefathers.
(12/5/85) "The Greatest Of These Is Love."     Why?
(13/5/85) Resurrections.
Resurrection Of The "Great Crowd" From The
"New Earth" Into The "New (Spirit) Heavens".  (13/5/85 cont.)
(27/5/85) The Miracle Of Their Lie.
(29/5/85) Gog Of Magog (House, Of A House).
The Causes And Sources Of Injurious Schemes And Attacks By Gog's Crowd From
Houses (Magog) Of satan (Gog), Including Gog's Congregational Houses.
 (29/5/85 cont.)
(11/6/85) Of satan's Gog Of Magog, And The House Of "Israel".
(2/7/85) The Judgement Upon Gog, And The Way Of It.  (11/6/85 cont.)
(22/7/85) Terror Against One Of The Houses (JW Congregations) Of Gog.
(26/7/85A) The Signal Of Jehovah's Day.
(26/7/85B) The "New Heavens".
"Women Received Back Their Dead Raised To Life. Others Were
   Tortured To Death, Disdaining Release, To Win A Better Resurrection."
(5/8/85) Jehovah Is Calling To Account The "Error Of Jacob".
(8/8/85) "I Myself, In Turn, Shall Choose Ways Of Ill-Treating Them".
(11/8/85) How The "Error Of Jacob" Will Be Atoned For.
(19/8/85) "The Goblet, My Cup Of Rage".
(12/9/85) Those "Driving Others To Work".
(15/9/85A) The "Gift".
(15/9/85B) "Give Them Up"     But How?  (15/9/85A cont.)
(26/9/85) The "Great Earthquake" Or "[Earth]Shaking Great".
(25/10/85A) "They Are, In Fact, Expressions Inspired By Demons".
(25/10/85B) 'Snubbed Geldof Slams 'Bickering' Euro-MPs.'  (Article).  (25/10/85A cont.)

The Sounding And Blowing Of The Heavenly "Trumpets" And The
Outpouring Of The "Bowls" Are Expressions Of The Wrath Of God
By Exposure And Judgement.  After The Prayers Of The Holy Ones,
The "Trumpets" Are Blown As Warnings From The Altar Of God.
(2/11/85B) (2/11/85A cont.)
(7/11/85A) Further To Revelations Of The Warning "Trumpets" And "Bowls" Of God's Anger.
(7/11/85B) Enemies Given "Blood To Drink".  (7/11/85A cont.)
(12/11/85A) Have The "Four Winds" From The Four Angels Of God Been Released?
(12/11/85B) The Sixth Seal.  The Seventh "Trumpet".  The Seventh "Bowl".  (12/11/85A cont.)
(20/11/85) "We Shall All Be Changed".  How, And When?
(22/11/85) A Summary Of Events Leading Up To The Beginning Of The "New Earth".
"After Starting In Spirit Are You Now Being Completed In Flesh?
  Did You Undergo So Many Sufferings To No Purpose?"
(27/11/85) Zephaniah 3:8-20.
(30/11/85) "And The Seventh One Poured Out His Bowl Upon The Air."
"The Wild Beast... Will Hate The Harlot And Will Make Her
  Devastated And Naked, And Will Eat Up Her Fleshy Parts".  (30/11/85 cont.)
(9/12/85) Prayers.
(17/12/85) The "Evil Slave".
(2/1/86) Honouring Fathers And Mothers.
(13/2/86) Jealousy.
(19/2/86) Joel. (1).  Compensation Soon To Be Realized.
(28/2/86) Joel. (2).  The Symbolic "Locusts" Of The Book Of Joel.  (19/2/86 cont.)
Joel. (3). Now Is The Time For A Solemn Fast,
               And Is God's Means For Rousing His People (28/2/86 cont.)
(8/3/86) Joel. (4).  (The Fulfilment).  How We His "Locusts" Proclaim War.  (4/3/86 cont.)
(11/3/86) Joel. (5).  A "Solemn Fast" For Coming Back To Jehovah.  (8/3/86 cont.)
(17/3/86) Joel. (6).  (The Fulfilment).  A Downpour Of "Autumn Rain And Spring Rain".
                 (11/3/86 cont.)
(12/3/86) "Then The Seventh Angel Poured His Bowl On The Air".
(20/3/86) The Order Of Things In The "Day Of Jehovah".
(24/3/86) Letter sent to HRH Prince Philip concerning the prophesied desolations from God.
(26/3/86) The "Deluge" Or Overflowing "Flood" Of Righteousness.
(27/3/86) Extermination Is The Appointed Doom Upon The "Man Of Lawlessness".
(3/4/86) "The Day Of His Burning Anger."
(6/4/86) The Destiny Of Those Waging War Against Spiritual "Mount Zion".
(25/4/86A) "Therefore By This Means The Error Of Jacob Will Be Atoned For".
(25/4/86B) 'Man Killed In Blast At Sydney Service.'  (25/4/86A cont.)
(26/4/86) You Eminent "Drunkards Of Ephraim" Cease What You Are Doing!  A Warning.
(30/4/86) Work     And The King Of Babylon.
(17/5/86) "Knowing He Has A Short Period Of Time." The Period Of Their Judgement Has Begun!
(30/5/86) "And The Wild Beast Was Caught, And Along With It The False Prophet".
(1/6/86) For One "Hour" "Ten Kings" Share Authority With The "Wild Beast".
(30/7/86) Not All Men Are Predestined To Live Under The Original Adamic Curse From God.
Concerning The "Sickles" That Reap The Two "Vines",
The "Sanctuary", "Tent Of Witness", And The "Altar".
(15/8/86A) Jehovah God Is Sacrificing Africa.
(15/8/86B) The "False Prophet" Is Their God.  (15/6/86A cont.)
(21/8/86) "Locusts":  The "Whirring Insects" Of God.
(22/8/86) (21/8/86 cont.)
(31/8/86A) Who Are The People Of God?  How Can They Be Identified?
(31/8/86B) "The Servant Of The Lord... Rejects Us Like Base Coin".  (31/8/86A cont.)
(1/9/86) Accountable Law Breaking.
(7/9/86) The Tyrants Against Ar'i.el Will Be Exterminated!
(8/9/86) The "Times Of Restoration".
(13/9/86) The "False Prophet".  A Singular Or Composite Creature?  (Of One, Or Many Parts?)
(17/9/86) A Brief Explanation Of The Main Points Of Psalm 147.
Gathering Of The Nations To Judgement At Jehoshaphat
Began After The "Good News" Was Brought To A Finish.
(29/9/86) The Harlot(s).
(10/10/86) Sacred Poles, Pillars And Obelisks.
(15/10/86) Raising Up This "Proverbial Saying".
(27/10/86) The "Mark", "Name", And "Number" Of The "Wild Beast".
(30/10/86) "And The Wild Beast Was Caught... While Still Alive".  (27/10/86 cont.)
(16/11/86A) "The Name Of Not One Of Them Stands Written In The Scroll Of Life".
(16/11/86B) "Made Them Erect An Image In Honour Of The Beast".  (16/11/86A cont.)
(5/12/86) Prayers.  (9/12/85 cont.)
Why "The Prophets Will Become Ashamed,
Each One Of His Vision When He Prophesies".
(27/12/86) "Better A Man Who Hides His Folly Than One Who Hides Wisdom!"
(15/1/87) Jehovah Is Now Bringing Gog's People On!
(25/1/87) Jehovah Ban.
(23/2/87) Divine Retribution From Heaven Has Begun.
(26/2/87) The So-Called Ayatollah Khomeini Is The Eleventh "King" Of Daniel 7:24.
(27/2/87) The Coming Of The Son Of Man.
(11/3/87) Is Jehovah God Anti-Semitic?
(12/3/87) The Signal     "Can You Not Perceive It?"  Jehovah Will Desolate Egypt.
(14/3/87) The Allegory Of "Sodom And Egypt".
(16/3/87) "The Nile Dragon Shall He Slay".
(26/3/87) "Love Your Neighbour As Yourself."
(27/4/87) "Do Not Despise One Of These Little Ones".
"Woe To The Man Through Whom The Stumbling Block Comes!"
  (Or "Hindrances" Or "Temptations").  (27/4/87 cont.)
(20/5/87) "Woe To Ar'i.el, To Ar'i.el".
(27/5/87) A Further Exegesis Of Isaiah 29:1-8.  ("Woe To Ar'i.el, To Ar'i.el").  (20/5/87 cont.)
(8/6/87) All Authority Was Given To The "Wild Beast".  (27/5/87 cont.)
(14/6/87) An Exegesis Of Isaiah Chapters 29 And 30.  (8/6/87 cont.)
(21/6/87) When God Has Become King.
"So My People Shall Learn On That Day Who I Am,
  That It Is I Who Made The Promise".  (21/6/87 cont.)
(2/7/87) An Exegesis Of Isaiah 1:18-20 (NEB & footnote).
(14/7/87) Loving "Your Neighbour As Yourself".
(15/7/87) Recounting The Christ's Disfigurement     From Mankind.
"O Zion" Are Those Who Were Ostracized, Excommunicated,
"Taken For Nothing" And "Carried Off" To Symbolic "Egypt".
(4/8/87) The Outcome Of The Iniquity Of Rebel Sons.
"Aha, The Assyrian, The Rod For My Anger,
  And The Stick That Is In Their Hand For My Denunciation!"
(1/9/87) Enemies Of The Kingdom Of God By His Christ And The Christ's Brothers.  (23/8/87 cont.)
"Under His Glory A Burning Will Keep Burning
  Away Like The Burning Of A Fire."  (1/9/87 cont.)
(8/9/87) A Further Exegesis Of The "Assyrian".  (3/9/87 cont.)
(22/11/87A) The Christ Michael's Fiery Tauntings Are A Sign In Advance Of Greater Destruction.
The Christ Michael Will:  (1) "Taunt Them With Their Evil Plottings"
(2) "And The Tortures They Are Soon To Endure."  (22/11/87A cont.)
(25/11/87) At Their King's Cross.  A Warning.
(4/12/87A) The Messiah Will Bring Rulers And Their Wicked Deeds Alive To Judgement.
(4/12/87B) To Liberate A Few, Many Are Being Sacrificed (Destroyed).  (4/12/87A cont.)
(14/12/87A) The Deliverance. Of Individuals, Families, Communities And Nations.
(14/12/87B) The Deliverance. (Cont.)  (14/12/87A cont.)
(24/12/87) The Spiritual Fulfilment Of Daniel's Prophecy In The Time Of The End.
(10/1/88) Dissimulators.
(13/2/88) Widows, Orphans, The Afflicted And The Poor.
(20/2/88) Why "The Fortified City Is Left Solitary".
(5/3/88) Our Plunderers.
The Way Of Christians And The Way Of Hypocrites.
Concerning The Sabbath. (1).
(2/4/88) An Exegesis Of Isaiah 28:10-14 (NEB & NWT).
Jehovah Will Now Speak To You People "By Those Stammering
With Their Lips And By A Different Tongue".         (2/4/88 cont.)
(17/4/88) The "Scoffers" Of Isaiah 28:22.
(12/5/88) In Fulfilment Of The Great Day Of The Lord God Jehovah.
(22/5/88) "The Leaves Of The Trees Serve For The Healing Of The Nations."
(30/5/88) The Tyrants Defined.
(6/6/88) "I" And The "Children" Are As Signs And As Miracles.
(9/6/88) Acts 2:17 Was Not The Fulfilment Of Joel 2:28.
(14/6/88) In Fulfilment Of The Prophecy Of Hosea.
"Ephraimite" Dispositions Handed Down To Their "Sons"
  In Fulfilment Of The Prophecy Of Hosea.  (14/6/88 cont.)
"So He Said To Me:  "What Are You Seeing?"
  In Turn I Said: "I Am Seeing A Flying Scroll...""
Guilt:  From The Time Of The "Flying Scroll" (Zechariah 5:1-4)
Until Revealed In The Bitter "Little Scroll"  (Revelation 10:1-11).  (25/6/88A cont.)
(28/6/88) The Kingdom Of God Will Come Out Of A "Wilderness" Condition.
(1/7/88) Wisdom.
The Christ Michael Is Bringing Deliverance For His People
By The Public Exposure Of Wilful Sinners By Their Deaths!
(9/7/88) A Warning.  Contempt     "Melted Like Wax".  (8/7/88 cont.)
(11/7/88) To Whom It May Concern.  A Warning.  (9/7/88 cont.)
How Our Lord Is Taunting And Destroying
Those Contemptuous Of His Law.  (11/7/88 cont.)
(13/7/88) For Yobs In Uniform     Call 999.
(15/7/88) Prophecy Vanishes Only When The Wholeness Of Fulfilment Comes.
"Get Out Of The Midst Of Her, O My People".
  This Command Is Also To Those In "Babylon The Great" Today.
"'When The Power Of The Holy People Ceases To Be
   Dispersed, All These Things Shall Come To An End.'"
(23/7/88) Those Under "The Curse".
(6/8/88) Terrorism:  Violence Provoked By Unwise Rulers.
(19/8/88) Anointed Ones Are "Sons Of The Oil".
(26/8/88A) The Administration Of Mercy According To Wisdom.  (1).
(26/8/88B) The Administration Of Mercy According To Wisdom.  (2).  (26/8/88A cont.)
(29/8/88) "Lest I Come And Put The Land Under A Ban To Destroy It."
(31/8/88) "Men Gathering From The Four Winds Of Heaven To Wage War"?      How?
(6/9/88) Why Jehovah Is Bringing Calamity Upon The Nations.  (31/8/88 cont.)
(17/9/88) While Nations Are In Turmoil We Rejoice.
(1/10/88) Jehovah Would Not Allow His Subjected People To Be Like The "Mire Of Streets".
The "Locusts" Of The Prophecy Of Joel.
Concerning The Symbolic Language Contained Therein.

The Locusts (1).
A "Military Force" Of "Locusts" Before The Coming
Of "The Great And Fear-Inspiring Day Of Jehovah."  (6/10/88 cont.)
The Locusts (2).
The Penultimate Event Of The "Signal" Before The "Day Of Jehovah".  (27/9/88 cont.)
The Locusts (3).
The Reversal.  (29/9/88 cont.)

The Locusts (4).
All This "Because Of The Violence Done To Judah
And The Innocent Blood Shed In Her Land".  (5/10/88 cont.)
The Locusts (5).
How Will The Outpouring Of The Spirit Of God Affect Mankind?  (9/10/88 cont.)
The Locusts (6).
Explaining The Symbolic Language Of God Through The Prophet Joel.  (11/10/88 cont.)
(26/10/88) The Locusts (7).  (25/10/88 cont.)
Jehovah Has Given The Order To The Priests
And Ministers Of His Spiritual "Land".  (26/10/88 cont.)
(12/10/88) How To Identify The Antichrist.
(15/10/88) The Symbolic Meaning Of Prophesying In A "Sackcloth" Condition.
(16/10/88) Where Must The "House of Judah" Among Distressed Nations Go?
(22/10/88) When "The Hidden Purpose Of God Will Have Been Fulfilled".
(31/10/88) Anointed Ones Prophesied In A "Sackcloth" Condition.
(8/11/88) Nations "To Honour The Place Where My Feet Rest"     The "City Of The Lord".
(10/11/88) Hephzi-bah:  "My Delight Is In Her".  (8/11/88 cont.)
(18/11/88) Santa Is A "Spell" Of Satan.  Christmas Is The Earthly Spirit Evidence Of satan.
(1/12/88) Concerning The Christmas Rebellion.  (18/11/88 cont.)
(11/12/88) The "Great Earthquake" Of Revelation 16:17-21.
(21/12/88) Lending Their Aid In The Universal War Against God.
To Stop The Increase In Calamities (Scourges) Worldwide,
What Is Involved In Securing The Release Of God's People?
The Will Of God To Be Made Known At
Celebrations Of The Festivals Of The Booths.  (23/12/88 cont.)
(28/12/88A) An Outline Agenda For The Nations.  (25/12/88 cont.)
(28/12/88B) A Design Of The Tabernacle.  (28/12/88A cont.)
(1)  Those With The "Mark" 666 Are "Driving Others To Work".
(2)  The Methods They Use To Enforce Their Will.
God Will Put It Into Their Heads To Strip
The "Harlot" Naked And Leave "Her" Desolate.
(4/1/89B) The Harlot(s).  (4/1/89A cont.)
(15/1/89) The Importance Of Good Fidelity.
(16/1/89) "And The Seventh One Poured Out His Bowl Upon The Air."
(18/1/89) For Those On The Threshold Of True Active Faith.
(25/1/89) Misusing The Mosaic Decree Of Deuteronomy 24:1-4 Apostates Teach Adultery.
(27/1/89) 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.  The Beginnings Of Holy Ones.
(2/2/89) (Isaiah No.1).  Why The Visions Of Isaiah Are Important Today.  (Ch.1-5).
(3/2/89) (Isaiah No.2).  (Ch.6-9).  (2/2/89 cont.)
(4/2/89) (Isaiah No.3).  (Ch.10).  (3/2/89 cont.)
(5/2/89) (Isaiah No.4).  (Ch.11).  (4/2/89 cont.)
(6/2/89) (Isaiah No.5).  (Ch.12-14).  (5/2/89 cont.)
(25/2/89) (Isaiah No.6).  (29:1-24).  (6/2/89 cont.)
(9/2/89) It Is An Offence Against God To Ingest Or To Transfuse Blood Into Human Bodies.
(10/2/89) Harmony With God. (Atonement).
(15/2/89) Jehovah God Is Creating New Heavens And A New Earth.
(17/2/89) Buying Out The Opportune Time.
(27/3/89) Lawless Ones     Because Of Not Having The "Love Of The Truth".
(13/4/89) On Cowardice.
(16/4/89) Assemblies Inspiring Ferocity.
(24/4/89A) Taunting Them With Their Evil Plottings.
(24/4/89B) An Example.  A Warning.  (24/4/89A cont.)
(28/4/89) Just Another Terrorist?  (24/4/89B cont.)
(30/4/89) "The Valley Of Gog-Mob!"
How Jehovah Proves His Holiness Before The Nations At The
Expense Of Gog In The Final Part Of The Days.  (30/4/89 cont.)
Gentiles From Many Nations Producing Kingdom "Fruitage"
Receive The Rewards As Members Of The Heavenly Kingdom Of God.
(16/5/89) The "New Earth".
(18/5/89) Rumours From East And North Undergoing Their Fulfilment In Russia And China.
(19/5/89) "Ravenous Wolves" Dressed As "Sheep".
(30/5/89) Acts "Inspired By Faith" In The "Time Of The End".
(2/6/89) The Wage Worker.  A Warning.

"And He Will Plant His Palatial Tents Between The Grand Sea
  And The Holy Mountain Of Decoration; And He Will Have To Come
  All The Way To His End, And There Will Be No Helper For Him."
(16/6/89) Duplicity.
(20/5/89) (Michael 1).  The Appearance Of The Archangel Michael.  What It Will Mean To Us All.
(12/6/89) (Michael 2).  Gog Is About To Pitch His "Royal Pavilions".  (20/5/89 cont.)
(14/6/89) (Michael 3).  Michael.  (Meaning: Who Is Like God).  (12/6/89 cont.)
(Michael 4).  The Last Preparations Before The Appearance
                      Of Archangel Michael. 
(14/6/89 cont.)
(28/6/89) (Michael 5).  The Indignation Of Almighty God.  (22/6/89 cont.)
(30/6/89) (Michael 6).  Michael Will "Raise The Low And Bring Down The High."  (28/6/89 cont.)
(11/7/89) (Michael 7).  Building Their Houses     "While This House Is Waste?"  (30/6/89 cont.)
(Michael 8).  Almighty God Jehovah Is About To
                      Reign Through The Christ Michael.  (11/7/89 cont.)
Before The Extermination Commences "For All The Land", To Those "Clamouring In
Their Cups" Of Their Own "Wine", To False Prophets And False Priests:  A Warning.
Jesus Said:  "Let The Young Children Alone, And Stop Hindering Them From
Coming To Me, For The Kingdom Of The Heavens Belongs To Suchlike Ones."
(Page 1). "For Jehovah Will Rise Up Just As At Mount Perazim".
                  Jehovah Directs Me To "Go Around To The Rear Of Them".
(7/8/89B) (Page 2).  (7/8/89A cont.)
(7/8/89C) (Page 3).  (7/8/89B cont.)
(8/8/89) (Page 4). 'Accumulating Wealth While The World Refuses To Die.'  (7/8/89C cont.)
(9/8/89) (Page 5).  (8/8/89 cont.)
(Page 6).  Rulers Of JWs Refuse To "Give Rest To The Weary One"
                 Or Hear The Word Of Jehovah.  (9/8/89 cont.)
(Page 7). "This Is The Very Word Of The Lord.
                   Build Cairns To Mark Your Way, Set Up Sign-posts..."  (13/8/89A cont.)
(14/8/89) (Page 8). "Landmarks" Of Identification.  (Landmark 1).  (13/8/89B cont.)
(15/8/89) (Page 9). "Landmarks" 2-12.  (14/8/89 cont.)
(18/8/89) The Fulfilment Of Jeremiah 31:10-40.
(25/8/89) The Transfusion Of Blood Into Humans Is In Contravention Of The Law Of God.
(26/8/89) The Oppressive "Assyrian" "Yoke" Over The Poor.
"Come Back, O Virgin Of Israel. Come Back To These Cities Of Yours.
  How Long Will You Turn This Way And That, O Unfaithful Daughter?"
(29/8/89) JW Prophetesses Cunningly Form Their Own "Dungy Idols".
(10/9/89) How The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses Are Saying: "I Am The Christ".
(26/10/89) Proof That Anointed Chosen Ones Are The "Constant Feature" Of God.
(7/11/89) The Letter Of Jude.  The Main Points Of Jude In Defence Of  The Faith.
(8/11/89) "With The Spirit Of His Lips He Will Put The Wicked One To Death."
(19/11/89A) (Page 1).  SAYINGS.
(19/11/89B) (Page 2).  (19/11/89A cont.)
(20/11/89) (Page 3).  (19/11/89B cont.)
(21/11/89) (Page 4).  (20/11/89 cont.)
(26/11/89) (Page 5).  (21/11/89 cont.)
(27/11/89) (Page 6).  (26/11/89 cont.)
(6/12/89) Come To Know Your Creator Before Age Makes It Too Difficult For You.
(13/12/89) The Fulfilment Of Isaiah 54:1-17.
The Fulfilment Of Isaiah 48:1-21 (NEB).
(According to the vision from God on 4th Jan 1990 concerning the "neck stiff as iron").
(30/1/90) Regarding The Dispensation Of Faith For Men And Women.
(10/2/90) After Catching Sight Of The "Disgusting Thing" It Will Be Like The "Days Of Noah".
(19/2/90) Priests Or Politicians?
(24/2/90) The Festival Of Booths (Tabernacles) Where Spirit Sacrifices Are Offered.
(26/2/90) The Heavenly Sanctuary Of God Is Closed Until The Seven "Plagues" Are Finished.
(1/3/90) Administration Of Spirit Instructions From "Bowls Before The Altar".
The Christ Michael Will Do Away With The Apostates And Their
"Lying Signs" From Before His Face By The Spirit Of His Lips.
(14/4/90) Should We Obey The Laws Given To Moses, Or The Law Of The Spirit?
(24/4/90) "Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon The Great!"  "Come Out Of Her, My People".
(27/5/90) The "Wild Beast", The "Ten Horns", And The "Harlot" Of Revelation.
(28/5/90) The Last Manifestation Of The Anger Of God Before His Kingdom Rule.
(12/6/90) The "Two Witnesses" Of God In The "Time Of The End".
(20/6/90) "You Must Prophesy Again"     But Why?
(21/6/90) The Reward For Giving Glory To Utterances Of False Prophets.  (20/6/90 cont.)
(26/6/90) "This Is The Plan Prepared For The Whole Earth".
(4/7/90) More Details Of Their Lie Fulfilling 2 Thessalonians 2:2,3.
(6/7/90) How The Lord Will Destroy The "Man Of Lawlessness".
(10/7/90) Hypocrisy.
(15/7/90) The Work Of Sons Of The "Altar" (1).
(18/7/90) The Work Of Sons Of The "Altar" (2).  (15/7/90 cont.)
(27/7/90) The Work Of Sons Of The "Altar" (3).  (18/7/90 cont.)
(19/7/90) Are Teachings More Powerful By One's Presence Or By Letters?
(24/7/90) How We Will Know Jehovah Has Begun To Rule.
The Source Of The Authority Of Religious Pretenders In Christendom Today
Are Erroneous Interpretations Of The Scriptures By Such Men As Augustine.
(29/7/90) One Of The Origins Of Erroneous Teachings Today.  On Resurrections.
(30/7/90) Another Of Many Erroneous Sectarian Teachings Today.  On The Trinity.
What Is Excessive Delight For Glory Among Men,
Other Than A Desire For Domination Over Them?  On Glory.
'Wickedness Is Not Natural, Sin Being Due
 To An Act Of Will, Not To Nature As Created.'
(3/8/90) A Brief Criticism Of Augustine's 'City Of God' (1).
(7/8/90) A Brief Criticism Of Augustine's 'City Of God' (2).  (3/8/90 cont.)
(5/8/90) Men And Women Who Transform Themselves And Masquerade As "Agents Of Good".
(13/8/90) The Final Destiny Of Babylon (Iraq).
(16/8/90) Jehovah Shall Graft Back Into Their Native Stock The Jews.
(20/8/90) For 1,260 Days satan Was Loosed To Test Members Of The Congregation Of God.
(21/8/90) Mercy: A Most Important Quality From The Standpoint Of God. (3).  (26/8/88B cont.)
"For Where There Are Two Or Three Gathered
  Together In My Name, There I Am In Their Midst."
Those "Under A Delusion" Who Make
"Sinfulness Their Deliberate Choice". (24/8/90 cont.)
(28/8/90) On Free Will And The Foreknowledge Of God.
(2/9/90) Qualities Jehovah Loves From His Servants.
(6/9/90) The True And Perfect Sacrifice.
(13/9/90) Soon The Jews Will Spiritually "See"!
(16/9/90) The UnGodly Deviations Originating From The Writings Of Augustine.
(25/9/90) Some Thoughts On Wisdom.
(29/9/90) After The Calamity, Pure Speech Will Follow.
(2/10/90) We Are About To Witness The Indignation Of God Worldwide.
(5/10/90) Finding Shelter In The Day Of The Lord's Anger.
(3/12/90) The Judgement Of God.
The Reasons For The Cessation Of Heavenly Communications
From The Anointed "Temple" Class Of God To The Gentiles.
(1/1/91) Fear Of Almighty God Jehovah.  For Those Remaining Over Who Warred Against Him.
The "Ten Horns" Are About To Desolate "Babylon".
But Who Are Included In The Fall Of "Babylon"?
"Fallen, Fallen Is Babylon The Great!  She Has Become
A Dwelling For Demons, A Haunt For Every Unclean Spirit".  (10/1/91 cont.)
We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Wealth And
Splendour Of Babylon/Iraq By Death, Mourning, Famine And Fire.
At That Moment Michael Shall "Appear" (NEB),
"Arise" (RSV), "Stand Up" (NWT), "Rise" (Moffatt).  (21/1/91 cont.)

"I Will Show Portents In The Sky And On Earth, Blood And Fire And
  Columns Of Smoke; The Sun Shall Be Turned Into Darkness And The
  Moon Into Blood Before The Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord Comes."
(8/2/91) The "Plague Of Hail" Upon Babylon/Iraq.
(20/2/91) The Lord Says: "I Will Punish Bel In Babylon".
(25/2/91) Reopening The Temple Sanctuary Of God.
(26/2/91) The King Of Babylon Is Causing Agitation In She'ol.
According To Scripture, What Will Happen Next ?
The "Great And Terrible Day Of The Lord".
(16/3/91) The "Wedding-Supper" Of The "Lamb" And The "Great Supper" Of God.
(8/4/91) The Heralding And The Arrival Of The Son Of Man.
(11/4/91) The Meaning Of The "Oil" Of Matthew 25:1-13.  (8/4/91 cont.)
(15/7/91) Being "Transfigured Into His Likeness".
(31/7/91) The Second Letter Of John.  (An exegesis with examples of the main points).
(5/9/91) The Adornments For Women Professing To Reverence God.
(13/9/91) Setting Things Straight Regarding Those With Faith And Unacceptable Relationships.
(15/9/91) Baptism.
(12/10/91) Mankind's Final Battle With The Word Of God.
The Way Of Christians And The Way Of Hypocrites.
Concerning The Sabbath. (2).  (20/3/88 cont.)
(21/11/91) The Scrolls That Were Prophesied Before The Judgement And Condemnation Of God.
(29/11/91) "Stumbling Blocks" From God.
(4/12/91) The Spirit Watchmen Of God.
(8/12/91) Angels Gather And Remove That Which Stumbles The "Good Seed".
(28/12/91) Homosexuals:  Men Who Lie With Men.
(19/1/92) The Name Of The "Rider" Is The Clue To This World War.
(20/1/92) (19/1/92 cont.)
(29/1/92) Those Who Have A "Love Of The Truth" Love The Spirit Creative Fruitage Of The Truth.

Attacks By Houses Of Gog:  The Physical And Spiritual Fulfilment.
But First, An Explanation Of The Scripture: "…all of them dwelling
without wall, and they do not have even bar and doors."
(22/2/92) Concerning The Multinational Force In The Universal War.  (19/2/92 cont.)
(29/2/92) The Prophesied Restoration Of The Jews, Their Homeland And Unity With God.
(10/3/92) Self-Scrutiny Before Partaking Or Observing At The Lord's Evening Meal.
Those "Sending Out Merely Contentions" Are "Good-For-Nothing".
Unrepentant Ones Are "Broken" With "No Healing".
Concerning The Mosaic Law For The People Under
The Old Covenant: "Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For A Tooth".
(5/6/92A) Only Sinful Women Creating Disorder Teach From The Word Of God.
Our Lord Will Bring His Sectarian Enemies
To Nothing By The "Spirit Of His Mouth".  (5/6/92A cont.)
Subjection Of One's Spirit Through The Headship Arrangement Is A
Kingdom Requirement Of God, But Not Along With "Wicked Ways".
(16/6/92) Our Lord Will Cut Off The Names Of Idols Out Of His Spiritual "Land".
(24/6/92) Spirit "Burning" Among True Christians.
(10/7/92) When The Son Of Man Arrives, The Glory Of His Spirit Identity Will Be Seen By All.
(15/7/92) Life On Earth Immediately After The Arrival Of The Son Of Man.  (10/7/92 cont.)
The Flying "Curse" Of Zechariah 5:1-4 Undergoing
Fulfilment I
s The "Little Scroll" of Revelation 10:1-11.
Besides Fornication, Are There Any Other Acts That Allow
Christians To Divorce Their Spouses At The Present Time?
(23/7/92B) The New Law Of The Christ.  (23/7/92A cont.)
"What Sort Of Day The Lord Of You Is Coming"
   Or "What Sort Of Watch The Thief Is Coming".
(26/8/92) The Reality Of "The Curse" From God Being
Fulfilled By The "Little Scroll" Of Bitterness.
(19/9/92) The "Restraint" Removed By Antichrists.
(22/9/92) The Meaning Of The Two Symbolic Wildernesses.
(31/10/92) The Judgement And Some Examples Of Antichrist.

Under The Rule Of The King Of Righteousness Spiritually Qualified
Men As "Princes" Will Come From A Spiritual "Wilderness"
To Assist
The Administration Of The "Way Of Holiness".
(9/12/92) Are You Christlike Or 'Thorny' In Disposition?
(23/1/93) The Meaning Of They "Trimmed Their Lamps".  (11/4/91 cont.)
The Reasons Why Prudent "Virgins" Refuse To Give Some Of Their "Oil"
To Foolish Ones During The Last Days Of This World's "Darkness".  (23/1/93 cont.)
(3/7/93) We Are Now In The Period Of The Christ's Delay Before His Arrival.
(18/7/93) Perjury In God's Name.  (According to Zechariah 5:1-4).
(27/7/93) Salvation "As Through Fire".
(10/8/93) A "Watchmen" Of God Has Witnessed The Disobedience Of Women Today.
(11/8/93) The "Malignant Ulcer" Upon Corrupt Political Influence On Earth.
(7/9/93) Of This Present Period Prior To The Rule Of God.
(28/10/93) In Answer To The Question:  Should We Still Obey Mosaic Law?
(17/11/93) The Meaning Of:  Binding The "Strong Man" Before "Ransacking The House".
(18/12/93) Banning To Destruction.
When God Abysses satan And His Demons, What Will
This Mean To The Great Number Of Those They Inhabit?  (18/12/93 cont.)
(10/1/94) The Opened Seven Seals Of Revelation.
(18/1/94A) Events On Earth Heralding The Coming Of The Rule Of God Over Mankind.
(18/1/94B) (18/1/94A cont.)
(2/2/94) Our First Obligations Are To Jehovah.
(24/3/94) Blasphemy.
(4/4/94) The Symbolic Meaning Of Expiation For The Sins Of "Jacob".
(9/4/94) "He Removed Them With His Fierce Blast In The Day Of The East Wind."  (4/4/94 cont.)
Some Thoughts On Love, And How The Christ
Showed Love To Paul By Temporarily Blinding Him.
Why Attempting To Calculate The "Day And Hour"
Of The Commencement Of The Rule Of God Is Futile.
(25/8/94) "The Lord Proves Men In The Furnace Of Humiliation."
(27/8/94A) Lawlessness Revealed By The Spirit Of The Christ's Mouth.
(27/8/94B) (27/8/94A cont.)
(30/8/94) Why Jehovah Allows Apostates An "Active Delusion".
For My Beloved Family.
Concerning Grief And Those Left Behind Who Never Said Goodbye.


The following extracts are from the book: Visions of Glory. A History and a Memory of Jehovah's Witnesses by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, a proof reader and former member of the sect falsely calling themselves Jehovah's Witnesses.  (Personal Beginnings: 1944).

(16/10/94B) (Organizational Beginnings:  (1873-1912)  Charles Taze Russell).  (16/10/94A cont.)
(Waiting for the World to Die) and
(Accumulating Wealth While The World Refuses To Die).  (16/10/94B cont.)
(16/10/94D) (16/10/94C cont.)
(16/10/94E) (16/10/94D cont.)  (In Transition).
(16/10/94F) (16/10/94E cont.)
(16/10/94G) (16/10/94F cont.)  (The Lure of Certainty).
(16/10/94H) (16/10/94G cont.)  (Leaving: 1955).
(16/10/94I) (16/10/94H cont.)


"For behold, the LORD, the LORD of hosts is taking away from Jerusalem and from Judah stay and staff, the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water; the mighty man and the soldier, the judge and the prophet, the diviner and the elder..."

(5/12/94) Revealing Lawless Deeds Of Apostasy.
Exposing Another False Teaching Of The "Man Of Lawlessness".
Correcting Their Article On Cancer. (Awake! Oct 8th 1986. Pg.14-16).
Some Observations On A Talk Given By Dr. Scholler
Of The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses On 'Enduring Trials'.
(21/4/95) Do You Know Who The People Described In Isaiah 60:14,15 Are?
(1/5/95A) Some Tested Spirits Among The Composite "Man Of Lawlessness".
(1/5/95B) (1/5/95A cont.)
(20/5/95) Identifying The Ways Of Apostate Men And Women.
(26/5/95) Revealing Those Who Uttered "Swelling Expressions Of No Profit".
(27/5/95) (26/5/95 cont.)
(28/5/95) Revealing How JW Apostates Turn Away From The Holy Commandment.  (27/5/95 cont.)
(1/6/95) (28/5/95 cont.)
(4/6/95) The Way Of Apostasy Brought In By Sectarian Men.
How The Sect Of Jehovah's Witnesses Has Proved They Are The
Apostate "Man Of Lawlessness" Described In 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.
(14/6/95) Proof That JWs Worship At The Same Places Where Men Worship Human Dungy Idols.
(11/7/95) Jonah.
(26/7/95A) Concerning Those Unreconciled To God.
(26/7/95B) (26/7/95A cont.)
(30/7/95) Reasoning On The Importance Of Repentance.
(16/8/95) Do You Know Who The People Described In Isaiah 60:14,15 Are?  (21/4/95 cont.)
(1/10/95A) Identifying The Source And Evil Ways Of Modern-Day Ostracism.
(1/10/95B) (1/10/95A cont.)
Events Delaying The Blowing Of The "Seventh Trumpet"
That Heralds The Sovereign Rule Of Almighty God.
(17/10/95) An Exegesis Of What The "Seven Thunders" Spoke.  (16/10/95 cont.)
(18/10/95) Events That Took Place During "That Time".  (17/10/95 cont.)
The Important Difference Between Giving Glory To God By Faith In The "Good News"
Of The Christ, And Giving Glory To God After Witnessing Fear-Inspiring Calamities.
(23/10/95) Correcting Further Apostate Teachings Of JWs.  (22/10/95 cont.)
(2/11/95) What Is Likened To The "Ark" Of Salvation Today?
(15/11/95) In Israel Jehovah's Day Is Coming Exactly As A Thief In The Night.

The "Day Of The Lord" Is When Jehovah Begins His Rule Over The Saved Ones
Of Mankind And The Seventh "Bowl" Of His Anger Is Poured Out "Upon The Air"
     Abyssing satan And His Demons Out From Rebellious Mankind.
Who Inspires The Police And Military Authorities?
And How Will God Finally Sanctify Himself In Gog?
According To Evil Dispositions Of The Past,
What Are The Symbolic Meanings Of Gog? 
(1/12/95 cont.)
A Further Explanation Of Daniel's Prophecies.
(11:45 to 12:3 NEB and 10:20 to 11:2A Moffatt).
How The "Man Of Lawlessness" Of The Sect Of Jehovah's
Witnesses Excommunicated Themselves From God Forever.
(9/3/96) (12/2/96 cont.)
Concerning The Worldly Fallacy That It Is Necessary
To Love Oneself Before One Can Show Love To Others.
Only The "Man Of Lawlessness" Of Jehovah's Witnesses
Has Proclaimed "The Day Of The Lord Is Already Here."
The Living Requirements Identifying Those Belonging To Zion.
Just Before The Glory Of Jehovah Shines Upon Them.
(FINAL) The Testimony.  (Of Revelation 11:7 NEB).