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"…the Ethiopians following in his train. Then rumours from the east and the north shall alarm him, till he retires in great fury to inflict doom and destruction on many, pitching his royal pavilions between the Mediterranean and the sacred hill so fair. So shall he come to his end, with none to help him."  (Daniel 11:43-45 Moffatt).

Some of the prophecies given to Daniel are, in many translations, incorrectly placed as to their order and time of fulfilment. One must also learn what is spiritual in meaning, and what has only a literal meaning. Further, one must realize that Daniel was not given knowledge as to the meaning of his visions concerning the "time of the end", and that only those with spiritual insight "will understand" and be able to teach others also being spiritually cleansed. (Dan 12:4) (Dan 12:8-10). As to these spiritual understandings and their fulfilment, much is explained in the "Little Scroll". But evidence of the fulfilment of the last prophecy of Daniel concerning the activities of the "kings" of the "North" and "South" has been left until now because they were "sealed up until the time of the end" so that "no wicked ones at all" would "understand".  (Dan 12:9,10).

This letter is not to spiritually refine anointed ones, as The Christ's work of gathering his anointed brothers has already been completed. The gradual termination of satan's reign on earth can be seen undergoing fulfilment by the following events: Ethiopia has been flooded over by the Northern "king" of dictatorship and government by force. Following this was heard a "rumour" from the east, Afghanistan, that after worldwide agreement to gather and compete in an athletics competition within the territory of the palatial city of the "king of the North", there are retaliatory "rumours" of a boycott of this international event. Adding to satan's rage is the imposition of destabilizing economic sanctions against the "king of the North" and threats of military retaliation. These alarming "rumours" will cause him to retire "in great fury to inflict doom and destruction on many, pitching his royal pavilions between the Mediterranean and the sacred hill so fair."  (From Dan 11:43 45 Moffatt).

But these "many" countries do not understand the prophecy concerning the "king of the North":  That although certain resources are essential for the "king of the North" to be able to storm against the "king of the South" (such as oil for his "chariots", "cavalry" and "fleet". 11:40), it is the termination of satan's reign that is in sight, rousing him to act against the spiritual development of the holy nation of God, hastening his end. While not knowing exactly who or where anointed sons of God are located, satan inflicts doom and destruction upon those organizing themselves into religious and/or ethnic groups (just as Adolf Hitler gathered 6,000,000 natural born Jews and exterminated them during the 1939-1945 World War, and as king Herod had all firstborn males under 2 years of age within his territory killed to secure the death of The Christ, only to fail).  (Matt 2:16).

Although remaining members of the anointed nation of God on earth are small in number today, they are being sanctified of the superfluous things of the heart by Spirit, in preparation for their heavenly citizenship. (Rom 2:29) (Heb 8:10-12). Recent frustration manifested by the "king of the North" as witnessed by his futile aggression in Afghanistan and elsewhere, is directed against all forms of religious revival and ethnic groups claiming to be re establishing true worship. Not having a holy nature themselves, satan and his demons have difficulty identifying who the holy Kingdom heirs that will rule over the "new earth" are. So in an attempt to prolong his rule over the earth, satan plants "palatial tents" of authority in the territory of Israel. (Heb 8:7-9). But this is where satan and his endeavours will come to an end without a helper.

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