Millions of people in the civilized world are still being satanically "veiled" concerning the most important fundamental requirements for mankind     those issued by our Creator and Lifegiver, Almighty God. Moreover, there are some who already know the sacred requirements of God for their salvation, but nevertheless profane the Lord in both word and deed by actively working against the Will of God for mankind, and barring the way to everlasting life for so many others in doing so.

Those who read this and fully understand its meaning will have knowledge of the true requirements of God before and after one's baptism. It is not possible for infants to fulfil this important requirement from God. Those who are guilty of the offence of infant baptism before the Lord, (i.e.) the child's parents, the clergy, and the onlookers in attendance, have put in place the first of many destructive "veils" that stop up their way to God. Rather than trying to unravel the extensive and tangled weaves of lies that make up their "veil" concerning baptism, (a "veil" placed over the heads of almost everyone to prevent them coming to know the only way to approach God. 2 Cor 4:3,4), what is provided are straightforward instructions from God:

The first baptism, that of Noah and his family, and what it corresponds to today, is described in 1 Peter 3:20 to 4:5.* The meaning of "the request made to God for a good conscience" needs to be properly understood. It does not mean that after one prays to God for a good conscience one is then in a position to be baptized. What it does mean is that you have already learned and intend to proceed along a course of obedience to God toward a baptismal vow as follows:

[1] Refusing to engage in Godless activities that are the "will of the nations" such as those described in the scripture* "...to the end that (you) may live the remainder of (your) time in the flesh, no more for the desires of men, but for God's Will." (4:2). Having resolved in our hearts that we wish to carry out "God's Will", we need to know, [2] what it involves, and [3] how to obtain a "good conscience" before God through Jesus Christ with which to carry it out. (3:21). As we acquire accurate knowledge of the Word of God that describes the Will of God for us, we are then in a position to make necessary changes and abandon the worldly spirit of uncleanness in our lives. Doing so, until [4] we reach a spirit condition of Godly obedience that corresponds with heartfelt repentance of our sins, together with [5] an earnest desire to serve the Will of God henceforth. Only by fulfilling these requirements will God lift the "veil" of ignorance and allow us a good conscience before Him. We may then symbolize our vow of dedication to God by water baptism: One's total immersion in water.  Do you still think infant baptism is acceptable to God?

Having proceeded along the course described in [1] to [5], one is then in a position to make one's vow of dedication to God to carry out His Will (publicly symbolized by water baptism) and relinquish one's own will when it is found to conflict with the Will of God. Baptism is a public declaration of one's promise to carry out the Will of God through total immersion (not sprinkling) in water. Carrying out the Will of God to the best of one's ability is the request made to God through our Lord Jesus Christ for a "good conscience". Before going further, it is time for the reader to consider this question: Have you or your children stumbled over The Christ? Parents without the foregoing knowledge who have already subjected their children to mock baptism (christening), will now realize why the sectarian clergy prefer to carry out baptisms (christenings) of babies and children:  Under the false assumption that infant baptism is sufficient before God, it closes the minds of reasoning adults so that they refuse a proper course of sanctification toward true baptism and so are refused entry into the Kingdom of God.  (1 Cor 15:29.  Matt 23:13).

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