"Take it and eat it up, and it will make your belly bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey." (Rev 10:9). The "goblet", "the cup causing reeling, you have drunk, you have drained out" was the rage of God experienced in the spirits of faithful anointed members of the heavenly "woman" of God, spiritual "Jerusalem".  (Isaiah 51:17).

The prophesied "Little Scroll" is the "shadow" of God's hand containing warnings of His coming wrath upon enemies of Zion. (Rev 10:8-11). It also contains His Spirit instructions from heaven that will be the foundation of the new earth! While being written up, this "cup of rage" caused reeling to Spirit sons of His creating. The "cup" has been drained out, and knowledge of the reasons for the anger of God will no longer be a cause of bitterness to His faithful anointed sons.

"This is what your Lord, Jehovah, even your God, who contends for His people, has said: "Look! I will take away from your hand the cup causing reeling. The goblet, My cup of rage     you will not repeat the drinking of it any more. And I will put it in the hand of the ones irritating you." (Isaiah 51:22,23). This long-awaited decision of Jehovah will take place after anointed servants of God are released from their death-like spirit inactivity in "Sodom and Egypt" and "Come on up here."  (Rev 11:7-12).

Heavenly knowledge from Jehovah God contained in the "Little Scroll" is evidence that the "loud voice out of heaven" has been heard and written down. With this knowledge faithful anointed sons of God did effectively "Come  on up here." When their number is complete and they are raised to heaven, their enemies will be made to realize that these anointed ones were, and truly are, sons of God!  (Rev 11:12.  9:3-6.  14:1). But for many years, our enemies have said to our souls: "Bow down that we may cross over". (51:23). We were held in a tomb-like existence, but were not literally buried.  (51:1).

"The goblet, My cup of rage": "I will put it in the hand of the ones irritating you, who have said to your soul, 'Bow down that we may cross over,' so that you used to make your back just like the earth, and like the street for those crossing over."  (51:23).    The "tomb" of Rev 11:9:

We are to "Loosen for yourself the bands on your neck, O captive daughter of Zion." (52:2). By the power of  God we willingly publish "good news of something better", of our God becoming King!  (52:7).  With advanced heavenly knowledge Jehovah comforts us, and goes before us against our "tormentors and oppressors" who must drink from His "cup of rage". (51:23 NEB). Even kings will shut their mouths, "because what had not been recounted to them they will actually see, and to what they had not heard they must turn their consideration."  (52:15).  Evidence of His rage among enemies of Zion will signal:  "Your God has become King!"

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