(Cont. from Page 8/9/83B).


Almighty God Jehovah says: "Of what benefit has a carved image been... when the former of its form has trusted in it"? (Hab 2:18). Those who create and/or promote an image are "instructors in falsehood"     appearing to display "a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power". (2 Tim 3:5). Images of false gods are only a part of their deception. Foremost are the rules they contrive by which their image is to be worshipped. By these "precepts of men, learnt by rote" those devising them are worshipped!  (Isaiah 29:13 NEB).

"Woe to him who makes his neighbours drain the goblet of his fury, and makes them drunk, to gloat on their disgrace! Drink yourself now and stagger, for the cup in the Eternal's hand comes round to you, and shame, not glory, gluts you; your ravaging of Lebanon shall crush you, your slaughtering of beasts break you     yes and the blood you shed, your  devastation of earth and every town and nation."  (Hab 2:15 17 Moffatt).

"The cup of the right hand of Jehovah will come around to you, and there will be disgrace upon your glory; because the violence done to Lebanon is what will cover you, and the rapacity upon the beasts that terrifies them, because of the shedding of blood of mankind and the violence done to the earth, the town and all those dwelling in it. Of what benefit has a carved image been, when the former of it has carved it, a molten statue, and an instructor in falsehood? when the former of its form has trusted in it, to  the  extent of making valueless gods that are speechless?"  (From Habakkuk 2:16 20).


"It is sheathed in gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it."  (Hab 2:19).

Imagine your son being falsely accused, violently treated, and then executed. Would you wish to have a constant reminder of his cruel death by the public display of the image shown left? Do you not know that these forms are "valueless gods that are speechless"? (2:18). Do wearers of such forms know and truly obey the Will of God? No. Indeed, those wearing such images lead unGodly lives, and some are members of the armed forces employed and trained to kill their fellow man! There are many such images. They are yet another example of the wicked spirit aspect  of this Godless world, a  contributory factor in the "violence done to Lebanon" by its people, and to its people. Evidence of the source of this guilt can be seen on Page 16/11/83 of the "Little Scroll".

Instructors in falsehood, the violence "done to Lebanon is what will cover you"! (2:17,18). The violence done to Lebanon is representative of the wicked spirit aspect of this world, and just prior to Rule of Almighty God when He will roar out of heavenly Mount Zion!  (Joel 3:16).