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After the rotting away of those who did "military service"* against spiritual "Jerusalem" has run its course, brought about by Jehovah, then those who have remained faithful to Him may begin their "continual employment" of passing through the "land" to identify the legacy of such ones and build beside their 'remains' (their apostate teachings) a "marker" (of their established guilt). When they and their evil works have been put to death, their apostate teachings inspired by a spirit of uncleanness and remaining "on the surface of the earth"#  must be identified by men appointed to do the "burying" of (teaching spiritual countermeasures against) apostate teachings.  (Ezek 39:11-16) (Zech 13:2 6).

Apostate men who prior to their deaths made "spoil" of members of heavenly "Jerusalem" are those referred to as "Gog's crowd". They created and were members of a "house" of "intense lovers" (of them) and are great in number "like clouds to cover the land." (Ezek 38:16). Everything about them, from their earliest beginnings in the spiritual "land" of God, must be shown up to the light of the Word of God and proven to be spiritually unclean. The  true  teachings of the Holy Scriptures, which they twisted in subtle ways to change the "times and Law" of God, is what will "bury" them. (Dan 7:25). Accurate knowledge from the Word of God in symbolic "bowls before the altar" denouncing apostate teachings are as warnings to sanctify those left remaining. Those remaining must take from these "bowls". It means that one will not be permitted to have communication with God, or dedicate oneself to Him, if one has not taken from these "bowls" and been sanctified by their contents before approaching His "altar" to offer clean personal spirit sacrifices.  (Zech 14:16 21).

Gog's crowd are referred to as a "military force" that Jehovah will sacrifice for those they previously had "plundered"     the house of "Israel". (Zech 14:1,2). Upon the proven faithfulness of the "mountains of Israel" (anointed sons of God) in the spiritual "land" of God they will fall. (Ezek 39:4). "Gog's crowd" are those who rebelled against and exalted themselves over faithful anointed sons of God in their satanic desire for glory and authority in the spiritual "land" of God. They even occupied the holy place with a view to destroy it.  (Dan 11:31,32).

"In the final part of the days" it will be said: "Is it to get a big spoil that you are coming in? Is it to do much plundering that you have congregated your congregation, in order to carry off silver and gold, to take wealth and property, to get a very big spoil?" (Ezek 38:13,16). The answer is No. The sole aim of "Gog's crowd" has been to stop-up the way to the Kingdom of God for "those passing through" spiritual "Israel".  But  read the Word of God to "Gog's crowd" in Ezekiel 39:11-16,  Zechariah 14:12,13,  Daniel 12:1,2 and Matthew 25:41  46.

"And this is what will prove to be the scourge with which Jehovah will scourge all the peoples that will actually do military service* against Jerusalem: There will be a rotting away of one's flesh, while one is standing upon one's feet; and one's very eyes will rot away in their sockets, and one's very tongue will rot away in one's mouth."  (Zech 14:12).

"And there will be men for continual employment whom they will divide off, passing along through the land, burying, with those passing through, those left remaining on the surface of the earth,# in order to cleanse it. To  the end of seven months they will keep making search."  (Ezek 39:14).

SCOURGE:    Thing regarded as a manifestation of Divine vengeance or punishment.