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"Arise, O Woman, Shed Forth Light".
The "Signal" Being Raised To All Righteous Ones.


"Arise, O Woman, Shed Forth Light". Why Angels Of God Shall Clear
"Edomites" Out Of Israel Through Warring Desolations.  (18/4/96 cont.)
"Arise, O Woman, Shed Forth Light".
The Spirit Of The Lord's Judgement.  
(23/4/96 cont.)
When The Christ Arrives, The Activities And Lives Of The
Godless Will Be Swept Away, Just As They Were In Noah's Day.

The Sect Falsely Calling Themselves Jehovah's Witnesses Are Locked Into Their
"Powerful Signs And Miracles Of The Lie": A Delusion Allowed Them By God To
Believe In Their Own Error.
The Difference Between The Jews And The
Apostate "Man Of Lawlessness" Among JWs.
(26/10/96) The Christ's Word Through His Apostle Paul.  On Women Teaching.
Removing Another Boulder Of Stumbling For God's People.
Regarding The Prohibited Use Of The Word 'Lucky'.
"For Gold Is Assayed By Fire, And The Lord
Proves Men In The Furnace Of Humiliation".
(29/12/96A) Do You Know Who The Mysterious "Man Of Lawlessness" Are?
(29/12/96B) The Final Rebellion Of The "Disgusting Thing".  (29/12/96A cont.)
The Way, And By Whom, Wickedness "In Human Form" Was Revealed
"At The Proper Time" Before Their Annihilation By The Christ At His Coming.

In Answer To Those Who Question Whether The "Good News" Of Salvation
By Means Of The Christ Has Come To A Finish,  And What Effect It Has On
The Remaining People On Earth.
(25/1/97B) (25/1/97A cont.)
(17/2/97) The First Known Appearance Of The Political "Image" Of The "Wild Beast".
(22/2/97) (17/2/97 cont.)
The "Beast" "Like A Lamb" That Speaks Like
A "Dragon" Through Godless Men Of Science.
Another Lie Among Millions Of Catholics Through
Sham Mediators Who Lift Themselves Above God.
(6/4/97B) JWs Suffer From 'Cognitive Dissonance' Among Their Leaders And Themselves.
In Fulfilment Of Isaiah 62:10 Zion Is Removing
More "Boulders" Of Error That Stumble Millions.
Revealing More "Boulders" For Removal In Readiness For The Christ's Coming.
On The Lack Of Faith Among False Witnesses That Is Proven By Their Works.
(30/4/97B) (30/4/97A cont.)
Another "Boulder" Of Hindrance For Removal:  False Prescience
(Lying Foreknowledge) Among Those Calling Themselves Jehovah's Witnesses.
Removing Another "Boulder" In Fulfilment Of Isaiah 62:10 NEB.
A Human "Administration" Or "Unity In Christ" By God's Power?
(17/7/97A) Some Important Points On Love.
(17/7/97B) (17/7/97A cont.)
(1/9/97) (Letter sent to a newspaper for publication in response to the death of Princess Diana).
(6/10/97) Gog Attacks Regathered Israel.  The Universal War.
(17/10/97) (Letter sent to a local Registrar appointed to judge men).
The "Affliction" Of Servants Of God And The Transference Of The Wrath Of God
To Our Tormentors And Oppressors As Prophesied In Isaiah 51:17-23 & 52:1-15 NEB.
(26/12/97) Revealing The Mystery Of The "Man Of Lawlessness" Of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.
(7/1/98) Raising The "Standard" That Launches The Anger Of God Against "Babylon".
The Rule Of God Will Destroy The Three Babylons:
The Literal, The Sectarian, And The Commercial.
(28/2/98) The Fulfilment Of The Prophecy Of Isaiah Concerning The Desolation Of "Babylon".
(21/3/98) The "Veil".
Those Who Will Learn The Truth Through
Torments After Death     And The Reasons Why.
"The Day Is Near When The Most High Will
Begin To Bring Deliverance To Those On Earth."
(9/5/98) A Bad Wife. And The Options For Husbands And Wives.
(7/7/98A) Who Are The Abandoned Ones?
(7/7/98B) (7/7/98A cont.)
(26/7/98) Events Before And During The Day Of Jehovah.
(24/2/99) The Holocaust Of The Jews.
(15/3/99) Fasting.
(3/4/99) The "Cup Of Drunkenness".
(4/4/99) (3/4/99 cont.)
Kosovo And Serbia Are Examples Of How Wickedness Is
Being Swept Away To Leave Remaining People Of God.
(15/5/99) Women Who Want To Worship God.
The Kosovan And Serbian Troubles And The
God-given Scriptural Reasons For Them.  (10/4/99 cont.)
The Following Scriptures From 2 Esdras 15:20-63
And 16:19-78 Are In The Course Of Being Fulfilled.
(19/5/99B) (19/5/99A cont.)
(24/5/99) The Sign Heralding The Coming Of The Son Of Man.

The Spirit Knowledge Of The Wrath Of God Recorded In The "Little Scroll" Of
Revelation 10:1-11 That Caused Our Spirit "Drunkenness" Has Ended. This "Cup"
Is Being Given Into The Hands (Lives) Of Our "Tormentors And Oppressors".
(2/9/99) Stubbornness In Sin After Being Warned, And The Outcome.
(22/9/99) I Died.
(3/6/00) The Prophecy Of Isaiah 51:17 to 54:17.
During The Period Of The "Good News" Of Faith
In Christ, Spiritually Unclean Ones Were Also Gathered.
(11/10/00) Concerning The "Great Tribulation" Of The "Great Crowd" In Revelation 7:9-14.
(20/1/01) Why The Heavenly Sanctuary Of God Has Been Closed For Some Years.
(9/2/01) The "Grafting In" Of Jews.
(23/2/01) The True Meaning Of Genesis 3:15.
(24/5/01A) The "Long-standing Devastated Places" Of Isaiah 61:4.
(24/5/01B) (24/5/01A cont.)
(2/6/01) What The Judge Of All Mankind Hates Most Of All.
(8/6/01) The Prophecy Of Isaiah 40:1-5 (NWT and NEB).
(11/6/01) The Anointing From God Has Prepared In Chosen Men A "Highway" For His Coming.
(20/6/01) What Are The "New Things" Of God?
(24/6/01) Symbolic Meanings In Connection With The "New Things" Of Isaiah Ch.42.
The World's Political "Eighth King" Out Of The
Previous Seven Is Now Being Struck At Its Feet.
(17/9/01) The True Meaning Of Matthew 19:29.
The Wedding Of The "Lamb". The "Virgins". The "Oil".
And Of Those Who Are The "Bride" Of The "Lamb".
(9/3/02) Almighty God Will Give The Jews "A Draught Of Bitter Poison."
The Order Of The Lord's Prophecy To Daniel,
And Its Fulfilment In The "Time Of The End".
(15/4/02) The "Palatial Tents" Of Satan Are About To Be Planted In Israel.
(19/5/02) "My Mother And My Brothers Are These Who Hear The Word Of God And Do It".
(24/5/02) "Indeed, A Man's Enemies Will Be Persons Of His Own Household."
The Meaning Of The "Fine Wine" Provided
By The Christ Michael For The "Time Of The End".
(6/6/02) "Now, Says The Lord, I Will Rise Up." "Whole Nations Shall Be Heaps Of White Ash."
(12/6/02) The Old And New Covenants     And Faith.
(3/7/02) An Outline Of The Fulfilment Of The "Final Rebellion" Against God.
(8/7/02) The Creation Of Human Spirits According To The Prescience Of God.
Politicians, Corporate Thieves And Sectarian "Babylon"
Will All Be Caught And Exposed In Their Spirit Nakedness.
(15/7/02) "The Object Of Astonishment."
(10/8/02) The Reasons Why The Godless Do Not Become Christians.
(6/9/02) The Destiny Of All Worshippers Of The "Image" Of Demoncracy And World Trade.
(24/9/02) The Chiefest Work Of Satan Has Been The "Final Rebellion" Of 'Jehovah's Witnesses'.
(20/10/02) Why The First Anointed Christ Of Many Came Among Us.
(26/11/02) Jude V.18 & 19.  A Rebuke.
(25/12/02) Of The Prophecies Concerning The Sons Of Ishmael Undergoing Fulfilment Today.
(30/12/02) The Work Of "Elijah" Before The Day Of The Lord.
The "Ten Kings" Of The U.N. Give Their Authority
To The "Wild Beast" To War Against The "Lamb".
(11/3/03) Protesting Demonstrators Are About To Lose The Place Of Their Origin.
(21/3/03) Alleluia!  Falling, Falling Is "Babylon The Great"!
(21/4/03) Alleluia! Babylon/Iraq Is Falling!  The Reign Of God Will Soon Begin!
(27/4/03) The Way Kings And Their Armies Will Do Battle With The Invisible "Rider".
(19/7/03) What Is The "Rod" Of Isaiah 11:4 And Revelation 2:27, 12:5 & 19:15?


Jehovah Is Using Britain And America As An "Assyrian"
"Rod" Of His Anger In Fulfilment Of Isaiah 10:5-27 NEB.
(2/8/03) The Destruction Of Judah And Jerusalem.
(3/10/03) Prophets And Prophecy.
(12/10/03) Why The Spiritually Unclean Will Never Enter Spiritual "Mount Zion" Again.
(22/11/03) "Jehovah Has Created A New Thing In The Earth".
The Promise Of God Upon Intellectuals, Fools,
Sham Worshippers And Contemptuous Unbelievers.
(5/1/04) Why Earthquakes Are More Frequent Now.
Enemies Of God Vote Politicians Into Office.
They Are Not Written In The "Scroll Of Life".
(27/1/04) Why Women Would Be Risking Giving Birth To "Monsters".
(10/2/04) Political Rulers Are The "Assyrian" God Is Using For Expressing His Anger.
Of What Once Happened To The Jews,
And What Will Happen In Fulfilment Of The Prophecy.
(25/4/04) "And He Will Meet His End With No One To Help Him."
What It Means For A Man To "Dwell On The
Heights, His Refuge A Fastness In The Cliffs."
(9/6/04) True Christians Carry Death In Their Bodies While They Live In The Spirit.
(14/6/04) The "Slaughtering Block" Of God Now Being Used In Babylon/Iraq.
(16/8/04) Matthew 24:4-28.
(23/8/04) Blood.  One Of The Three "Witness Bearers" To Gain Eternal Life.
(7/10/04) Unpolluted Blood Is Required To Escape Adverse Judgement.  (23/8/04 cont.)
(30/10/04) Spirit Torments After Death Await Those Contemptuous Of God.
(10/1/05) Angels Of God Will Bring To Ruin "Those Ruining The Earth".
(14/4/05) Look What The Opened "Little Scroll" Is Doing To You!
(18/5/05) "The Lost Outnumber The Saved As A Wave Exceeds A Drop Of Water."
(27/8/05) The Reason Why The Christ Michael Will Rule The Nations With An "Iron Rod".