Have you noticed how many churchgoers like to call themselves Christians and say they give praises to God, while glorifying and worshipping certain individuals as their heroes, some of whom are long since dead ?

Many of these false religionists assemble in large numbers to offend God in this and many other ways. The great majority of churchgoers say they believe in God, but offer no praises to God at all. They believe that to serve God is merely to frequent a church building, and refuse to accept that true and worshipful praise of God is only achieved through one's spirit readjustment to a holy form of conduct with prayerful thanksgiving to God everyday in accordance with His Will.

The following unholy examples are just a few of the many that are being practiced by churchgoers. Hopefully they will serve as a warning to those who will give glory to God as they witness fear-inspiring calamities from Him.



A congregation of JW 'elders' had an article published in a local newspaper that gave prominence to 200 nappy changes performed during one of their large assemblies allegedly in God's Name. The article went on to give glory to certain individuals who attended rather than give glory to God by making known His Will.  Click on: (666Q)  (The demon god of this sect is Beelzebub 'lord of the dung'.  See Malachi 2:3).


The daughter of devout JW members and her boyfriend murdered an elderly lady that she had befriended through this sect.  Click on:  (13/3/85)


JW 'elders' appointed a known schizophrenic to serve as a congregation 'elder'. Click on:  (31/10/92)


 'Elders' of the sect of Jehovah's Witnesses were recently forced to confess to the existence of a database of 23,720 reported cases of child sex abuse (paedophilia) among JW members. Many of these perverted JWs were permitted to continue as congregation 'elders' !  The complaints of their child victims were ignored by JW 'elders'.  Click on: JW Paedophiles 1JW Paedophiles 2 and:  Panorama Transcript


Thousands of Catholic children have been sexually abused by Catholic 'priests'.  Click on:  Church Scandals


Many churchgoers get drunk while celebrating such Godless festivities as Christmas, they regularly use abusive language, and are admirers of the political "wild beast" of demoncracy. Church leaders are known to give blessings to the armed forces before they go to war to kill (murder) their fellow man.  (Exodus 20:13).


A JW 'elder' fondling a 14-year old girl in his car, spotted the police and yelled, "Bloody hell    it's the Fuzz!" and absconded with the girl until he was apprehended.  Click on:  (666Q)


An old man who had worked without wages at JW Watchtower headquarters for thirty years, grew senile. He was ordered to leave. He had no resources, financial or emotional.  He was last seen begging in downtown Brooklyn.  Click on:  (8/8/89)


A man with a weak heart began to gasp for air and was dying of a heart attack. Instead of helping him, a respected JW 'elder' who was there launched into an interminable story about the people he had known who had been taken unaware by death. Another JW 'elder' advised that the dead man's daughter be taken out preaching the following day to keep her mind from selfishness!  Click on:  (7/8/89A)


A family who had been studying the Bible with two female JWs were told that if they did not have their usual Bible Study on the appointed evening, the Bible Study would be terminated. This was despite being told that a member of the family had just died and so they did not feel up to it.  Click on:  (27/7/90).


The sect falsely calling themselves Jehovah's Witnesses "trampled" upon and removed faithful anointed sons of God.  Click on:  (12/6/90)

The Opened "Little Scroll" exposes many more of the evil ways of congregation churchgoers purporting to be praising God in sectarian false religions. Church leaders and their members will be held accountable for their duplicitous praises to God in the imminent Judgement of God. They are excluded from the "scroll of life". (Rev 13:8). Evil examples such as those listed are well documented and are a witness against them. Proof that they are abandoned by God lies in the fact that these sects work strenuously to hide the identities and evil activities of child sex abusers and homosexual deviants by transferring them to serve in churches and congregations of other districts rather than "root out the evil  doer" according to The Holy Word. (1 Cor 5:11-13 NEB). Such  disgusting men acting evilly as 'priests' and 'elders' in congregations in order to deceive are inspired by satan, and their end is perdition.