"When the world becomes the scene of earthquakes then you will understand that the  time  has come when the Most High will judge the world He has created."  (From 2 Esdras 9:1  4 NEB).

"'Rise to your feet,' he replied, 'and you will hear a loud resounding voice. When it speaks, do not be frightened if the place where you stand trembles and shakes; it speaks of the end, and the earth's foundations* will understand that it is speaking of them. They will tremble and shake;  for they know that at the end they must be transformed.'"  (2 Esdras 6:13-16 NEB).

"When the windows of heaven above are opened and earth's foundations* shake, the earth is utterly shattered, it is convulsed and reels wildly. The earth reels to and fro like a drunken man and sways like a watchman's shelter; the sins of men weigh heavy upon it, and it falls to rise no more."  (From Isaiah 24:18-20 NEB).

There will be great earthquakes, and famines and plagues in many places;  in the sky terrors and great portents."  (Luke 21:11 NEB).

"With all these things the birth-pangs of the new age begin."  (Matt 24:8 NEB).

"And in that hour a great earthquake (1) occurred, and a tenth of the city fell; and seven thousand persons were killed by the earthquake, and the rest became frightened and gave glory to the God of heaven."  (Rev 11:13).

"Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet There came flashes of lightning and peels of thunder, an earthquake, and a storm of hail."  (From Rev 11:15,19 NEB).

"Then the seventh angel poured his bowl on the air; and out of the sanctuary came a loud voice from the throne, which said, 'It is over!'  And there followed flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, and a violent earthquake, (2) like none before it in human history, so violent it  was.  The  great city was split in three; the cities of the world fell in ruin"  (From Rev 16:17  19 NEB).

"Then I watched as (The Christ) broke the sixth seal. And there was a violent earthquake (2)   and every mountain and island was moved from its place. Then the kings of the earth, magnates and marshals, the rich and powerful, and all men, slave or free, hid themselves in caves and mountain crags; and they called out to the mountains and the crags, 'Fall on us and hide us from the face of the One who sits on the throne and from the vengeance of the Lamb.' For the great day of their vengeance has come, and who will be able to stand?"  (From Rev 6:12  17 NEB).

"Get you into caves in the rocks and hide yourselves in the ground from the dread of the Lord and the splendour of His majesty. Man's proud eyes shall be humbled, the loftiness of men brought low, and the Lord alone shall be exalted on that day. For the Lord has a day of doom waiting for all that is proud and lofty, for all that is high and lifted up".  (Isaiah 2:10  12 NEB).

"The horde of your enemies shall crumble into dust, the horde of ruthless foes shall fly like chaff. Then suddenly, all in an instant, punishment shall come from the Lord of Hosts with thunder and earthquake and a great noise, with storm and tempest and a flame of devouring fire; and the horde of all the nations warring against Ariel, all their baggage-trains and siege  works, and all her oppressors themselves, shall fade as a dream (vanish. Moffatt) so  shall the horde of all the nations be that war against Mount   Zion."  (From Isaiah 29:5  8 NEB.  V.8 NWT (3)).

"On that day, when at length Gog comes against the land of Israel, says the Lord God, My wrath will boil over. In My jealousy and in the heat of My anger I swear that  on  that day there shall be a great earthquake throughout the land of Israel all  mankind on the face of the earth, all shall be shaken before Me. Mountains shall  be  torn up, the terraced hills collapse, and every wall crash to the ground."  (From Ezek 38:18-20 NEB).

"On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which is opposite Jerusalem to the east, and the mountain shall be cleft in two by an immense valley running east and west; half the mountain shall move northwards and half southwards. The valley between the hills shall be blocked, for the new valley between them will reach as far as Asal. Blocked it shall be as it was blocked by the earthquake in the time of Uzziah  King of Judah, and the Lord my God will appear with all the holy ones."  (Zech 14:4,5 NEB).


Mexico earthquake occurred 20th September 1985 killing 7,000 men.
See Pages (26/9/85), (18/1/94A) and (18/1/94B) of The Opened "Little Scroll".
(2) See Pages (11/12/88) and (10/1/94) of the The Opened "Little Scroll".
(3) One's "soul is dried out" for warring against spiritual "Mount Zion".