While having conflicting beliefs, sham-Christian religions falsely claim and believe they are Christians, interpreting the teachings of the Holy Scriptures according to their own personal taste and the acceptance of members of their particular church.

The clergy preach "ear-tickling" sermons to retain their members, rather than receive and accurately teach spiritual knowledge from God and discipline in righteousness. (2 Tim 4:3,4).  Churchgoers worship a god of their own making, one they can accept, according to their will, one that requires no spiritual readjustment of them according to the Will of God.

Recently, an anointed son of God was shown kindness by nurses in a local hospital, some of whom were churchgoers. Unfortunately, these same nurses assisted those who gave and/or received blood transfusions, even though they were aware it is strictly forbidden by God. (Acts 15:28,29.  Lev 17:10-12). Because they support doctors and other hospital staff administering foreign blood into the veins of patients, it means that they and their patients miss the very purpose of their lives on earth!

In cases where humans give or receive blood transfusions, where the blood of one human is transfused into the body of another, this very act cuts them off from God for the reason He gave: "because it is the blood that makes atonement by the soul in it... Anyone eating it will be cut off." (Lev 17:11-14). The blood of a sinner transfused into another does not make atonement for the sins of the recipient. Given the principle that "unless blood is poured out no forgiveness takes place" and that "Christ was offered once for all time to bear the sins of many", the sinner whose blood is poured out on behalf of another by transfusion is acting in place of Christ, and the recipient of the sinner's blood is prohibited from having his own sins atoned for by The Christ now that the blood of a sinner has been poured out on his behalf. Therefore, they and their prayers to God are cut off.  (Heb 9:22,28). So violating the Law of God on blood  cuts that one off from eternal life.  (For further information click on:  Blood).

These churchgoing nurses also believed in having their babies christened (according to their notion of baptism, which they falsely believed gave their babies God's protection). But water baptism is to symbolize one's vow to carry out the expressed Will of God. (For further information, click on: Baptism). How can a dumb baby possibly know or begin to carry out the Will of God?  Such deception!  The important question for a parent to consider is this:  What are the consequences of their deception?

The answer: None of them are blessed by God, as a reward for their disobedience. In fact, they are among those described by the archangel Michael: "The unGodly have refused to obey Him; they have set up their own empty ideas, and planned deceit and wickedness; they have even denied the existence of the Most High and have not acknowledged His ways. They have rejected His Law and refused His promises, have  neither put faith in His decrees nor done what He commands." Therefore, "emptiness for the empty, fullness for the full!" (2 Esdras 7:22-25 NEB). This means that on their departure from this earthly life, sham  Christians will learn that they have not stored "treasures in heaven" in order to be given the prize of eternal life with Almighty God in the heavens. (Matt 6:19-21). And as there is no resurrection to life back on earth, their spent lives will have proven futile.

True Christians obey the expressed Will of God as stated in His Holy Word the Bible, to the letter of His Word and Law under the "new covenant" inaugurated by His Christ. (Heb 8:10-13). When compared to the "Way" of The Christ (John 14:6), the daily activities of most churchgoers today reveal them to be worshippers of a god of their own making.

The Holy Word of God is like a suit that we must fit into, not one that must fit us.  Nor must His Word be  altered to make it compatible with one's own will. The blessings of immortality in heavenly bliss  are  for  the  spirits of obedient sons and daughters whom The Christ has subjected to the Will of God.   (1 Cor 15:27,28).