Figuratively speaking, most Godless unbelievers hide their character and true feelings behind a 'mask'.  But true followers of The Christ have been set free, and do not need to hide. The reason is written in the Holy Word of God: "the truth will set you free". (John 8:31,32).  Progressively they are set free by the Spirit of God.  It reveals the truth to their consciences and minds and exposes the lies and apostasy of the "deep things of satan". (Rev 2:24). They exchange their former ignorance for a guaranteed hope of everlasting life.  (Titus 3:6,7).

There are many examples of the effect that the "veil" of ignorance and spirit rebellion has upon those not set free in spirit. (2 Cor 3:16-18). For example: Millions vote mere men into power only to serve their satanic will     men who make their lives miserable.  (Rev 13:16).  Political leaders govern in opposition to the Kingdom of God on earth, and have the "mark" of their true identity and future extermination.  (Rev 19:17  21). Particularly in Great Britain (the political origin of the "mark"), God has turned the 666 years of satanic influence of the "image of the beast" into the "hooks" 999 and a continuous state of emergency.  (Ezek 38:1 to 39:4).

Politicians, their police and military guardians, and their supporters within communities, all have the same destiny: Extermination. (Rev 19:17-21). Why? Because they wilfully try to prevent the arrival of the Kingdom of God on earth by attempting to thwart the gathering of the remaining members of the 144,000 anointed Kingdom heirs of God. These heirs will be priests and judges in the Kingdom of God.  (Rev 20:4  6). "Goat" like unbelievers 'horn' "sheep"-like ones aside.  (Matt 25:31-33).

People freed by God are not led into error by persuasive rhetoric, cunning evil, social ostracism, or enforced deprivation in a world of plenty. Almighty God provides His people with knowledge of satan's designs, and a way out of the difficulties that satan's followers try to impose on them.  Demoncracy is the will of the people. The Kingdom of God is the Will of God.

Within communities, politicians subtly introduce policies and laws that keep satan's designs intact. For example: Through the implementation of economic deprivation and excessive taxation, parents are  compelled to send their children to State schools to be educated by strangers. Mothers are forced to go out to work and are denied the opportunity to care for and educate their own children. However, the State proves most conclusively its inability to teach children good moral standards, as is betrayed by the resulting fruitage: Bullying is common among State-school children, some of whom lead their victims to commit suicide. Drug abuse is common, as is vandalism and teenage pregnancy.

To serve their wilful designs, politicians ensure that their capitalist paymasters are always made wealthier, but that the underprivileged masses are made poorer.

By their satanic power, they give orders that thousands of men be sent thousands of miles away to murder foreigners opposed to their demoncratic will.

Sectarian church leaders involved in the political process also worship the political "wild beast" and have its "mark".  They will also share its destiny.  (Rev 19:19-21).

People who hide behind a 'mask', have ready-made excuses to protect themselves. When a Christian exposes their cowardice and their sins against God, instead of humbling themselves and praying to God for forgiveness and requesting a clean conscience for their mask to be removed, they instead become wrathful.  (Rev 11:18).