In 1986, 20 million sponsored runners around the world ran, jogged or walked ten kilometres, giving the donations received to African famine relief charities. In support of 'Sport Aid' they 'Ran The World' and defied the written Will of God to sacrifice Ethiopia and surrounding nations as the ransom for His spiritual sons. (Isaiah 43:1-4). Because this event took place after 'Band Aid' in 1984 and 'Live Aid' in 1985, Godless participants may erroneously believe they have escaped the Judgement of God. But through these events they were all gathered and judged, awaiting the condemnation of God through The Christ Michael at his arrival.  (Rev 16:13-17).  The following poem is to clarify this:


What could possibly arouse the Lord's anger more than the world's
millions following their dungy idols in defiance of their Lifegiver?
Now that the political "image of the wild beast" is full grown,
666 years after its inception, as a demoncratic repressive "river".

The Spirit of the holy "thief" will burn within Godless spirits
of rebellious ones, when it is poured out "upon the air".
Contemptuous ones running from the "lion" of God's Justice,
Will meet with retribution like a fierce and vengeful "bear"!

Who is wise that he might reason on these things? Who will listen
and be spiritually prepared for the inspection of the invisible "thief"?
For when they are saying "Peace and security!" is when the pang of
distress shall come, as upon a pregnant woman, causing them grief.

Now is not the time to write about the beautiful, with soothing,
ear-tickling words. Now is the time for fear-inspiring warnings.
Ridiculers shall lament when the Spirit of The Lord penetrates their
Godless lives, whilst in the spirits of the Godly sweet relief it brings.

Take hold of the righteous "garment" of a spiritual "Jew", (7)
Celebrate the festivals of the "booths" for your salvation,
Search for spiritual knowledge of how to please God,
Disassociate yourselves from futile Godless celebrations.


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