"Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was wrapped in cloud,* with the rainbow round his head; his face shone like the sun and his legs were like pillars of fire. In his hand he held a little scroll unrolled. His right foot he planted on the sea, and his left on the land. Then he gave a great shout, like the roar of a lion..."  (From Rev 10:1-3 NEB.  * Invisible presence)

(Original painting by R. Thomas. 18/1/05).

No nation on earth has revealed the identity or the activities of the "mighty angel" who arrives "like  a  thief". (Rev 10:1-7 & 16:15 NEB). The "mighty angel" is The Christ Michael. The book of Revelation has given explicit warning to all mankind that they may prepare for his coming. To servants of God who are prepared it is written: "Because you have kept my command and stood fast, I will also keep you from the ordeal that is to fall upon the whole world and test its inhabitants." (Rev 3:10 NEB). The Spirit "fire" of the Lord's Judgement will test all those on earth who do not have "works and fidelity laid up to their credit with the Most High." (2 Esdras 13:23 NEB).  That is why it says: "In Zion sinners quake with terror, the Godless are seized with trembling and ask, Can  any of us live with a devouring fire? Can any live in endless burning?"  (Isaiah 33:14 NEB).  During the Day of the Lord, many families will be robbed of their lives by the "thief" for their offences against the Will of God.  (Zech 5:1-4).

The fifth, sixth and seventh "trumpets" of Revelation are described as three "woes".  Some of the events associated with them have already occurred.  (Rev 8:13).

The spiritual work of anointed "locusts" of God to remove the spirit of uncleanness and apostasy from His spiritual "land". When completed, these "locusts" receive Spirit authority from God to torment with stinging reproaches those men responsible for the apostasy.  (Rev 9:1-6 & Joel 2:1-11).

"Four angels" effectively "bound" by God wait for a specific period designated by Him to carry out their commission: To kill a third of mankind in the region of the great river Euphrates (a river flowing through Turkey, Syria and Iraq). Those who survive this will still refuse to repent of their demon idol worship, murders, spiritism, fornication and robbery.  (Rev 9:12-21).

Unsealed apostate men use ostracism and excommunication to "trample" and usurp the God-given authority of faithful anointed sons of God in Christ's congregations.  (Rev 11:1-3.  2 Thess 2:1-12).

The Christ Michael the "mighty angel" allows the contents of the "Little Scroll" of Revelation 10:1-11 to be revealed, during which time the "good news" of salvation through the exercise of faith in The Christ is brought to a finish.  (Rev 10:7 NWT).

The Mexico City earthquake killing 7,000 men in 1985 signals the spiritual fulfilment of Christ's prophecy. "In that hour" a tenth of those called to the heavenly "City" of God fall victim for having acted unfaithfully in His service. Their  names and glory are removed by this spiritual "earthquake"The "Little Scroll" is used as the basis for Judgement.  (Rev 11:13).

The Sovereign Rule of God and His Christ over all mankind. Judgement and reward to servants of God. The anger of nations and the wrath of God. High ranking ones warring against the Spirit of God are destroyed to make way for His Kingdom government.  (Rev 11:14-19).

 The Christ Michael the "mighty angel" will judge mankind
according to THE contents of  The Opened "Little ScrolL".