According to the words of The Christ, those who refused assistance or aid to faithful anointed brothers of The Christ when it was in their power to do so, particularly during the "time of the end" before the arrival of the Son of Man in his glory to separate "sheep" like ones from "goat"-like ones, will "go away to eternal punishment".  (See Matt 25:31-46 NEB).

This process of separation has already taken place in Christ's congregations during the "appointed times", when his faithful anointed brothers while acting as a "restraint" to apostasy were spiritually "trampled" on, had their congregational responsibilities taken from them, and were excommunicated by members of the "man of lawlessness".  (2 Thess 2:1-12 & Rev 11:2 NWT).


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But what is so important about people giving, or not giving, help to The Christ's anointed brothers?  It is because of their important spiritual work and their membership of the heavenly priesthood of the Kingdom of God. (Rev 5:9,10 & 7:4). Consequently, "goat" like ones despising and rejecting these anointed ones, also reject God Himself whose Holy Spirit teaches anointed ones how to carry out the Will  of  God among mankind.  (1 John 2:27 NWT).

But despite the seriousness of the warning given to mankind in Matthew 25:31-46 of the everlasting punishment which will be meted out to those who mistreat anointed brothers of The Christ, still they are mistreated, refused help and ostracized. But these anointed ones are witnesses of the legal case of God concerning all the nations. That is why it is written: "The lost outnumber the saved as a wave exceeds a drop of water."  (2 Esdras 9:14-16 NEB).

The all-important fact to be gleaned from Matthew 25:31-46 is this:  How The Christ's anointed brothers were treated, both physically and spiritually, is the basis upon which all mankind will be judged.  (For this principle, click on:  The Judgement of Mankind).

The wisdom of the Judgement of God can be understood in His words through the prophet Micah: "Their best one is like a brier, their most upright one is worse than a thorn hedge."  If the spirit disposition of the most upright one of a nation is as thorny as a brier, then the whole nation is adjudged as having that aspect.  (Micah 7:4 NWT).