The meaning of Babel, the original name for ancient "Babylon" the "mother" of all sectarian "harlot" religions today, is CONFUSION. (Rev 17:5).  And that is exactly what Augustine has handed down. The universal Roman Catholic religion bases its beliefs on his erroneous teachings, which have caused much confusion worldwide.

The following verses expose some of these erroneous beliefs     especially the Trinity of equal authority between three Gods:  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Augustine's comments on resurrection are also stumbling millions.  So we must:

"Test The Spirits, To See
     Whether They Are From God".

The anointed Jesus is the Son of God.
Yet millions claim Jesus is God    
So says Augustine's universal religion.
But use God's Holy Word to test them,
To see whether they are "from God".

Why would God beget himself?
How could a woman of flesh be the mother
Of God The Creator and First Cause of all?
For they believe Mary gave birth to God!
O Augustine, what have you done?

If Jesus was also God, he didn't need baptism.
But God said: "This is My Son [not God],
My beloved, on whom My favour rests."
Jesus would not subject himself to himself!
O Augustine, what have you done?

If Jesus were God, why would he mediate
Between mankind and Himself?
Why would God anoint Himself as His Son?
God is the Father who sent Jesus forth.
O Augustine, what have you done?

The Word of God will not resurrect human flesh:
Not from rotted bones, nor from cremations,
Nor from the stomachs and excreta of animals.
He will only resurrect subjected human spirits.
O Augustine, what have you done?

The Word says: Flesh will not inherit immortality. (3)
Nor can mere men mediate on behalf
Of the confessed sins of others.
Christ Jesus is the only mediator by Holy Spirit.
O Augustine, your followers have corrupted millions.


  (1) 1 John 4:1 NEB. (2) Matt 3:16,17 NEB.
  (3) 1 Cor 15:42-45 & 50.


(4) 1 Tim 2:5-7 NEB.