These verses are intended to help readers understand that unless the basic precepts of true faith are understood, and loyally followed, the wisdom of God will not benefit them. Solomon was the instrument through whom God channelled a measure of His wisdom as to the choices a Godly person must make. We rejoice and are grateful that Almighty God has made His wisdom available to mankind for their salvation through The Christ.

Solomon Rejected THE Wisdom OF God.

"Emptiness, emptiness... all is empty" and
"chasing the wind", said Solomon in his day.
Yet eternal life within himself was not realized,
for he chose to end his life in an idolatrous way.

"In much wisdom is much vexation, and the more
a man knows, the more he has to suffer"
, he wrote.
I agree to all the wisdom from God that he said.
Through righteous suffering a human spirit may
progress toward The Christ and be invited to
the "marriage" of the Lord, or to him be wed.

Solomon acquired almost everything he desired,
Wisdom, wealth and folly, and still complained,
Corrupting himself with passions of the flesh.
Generations later, life's purpose clearly revealed:
A man may become a perfected "new creation"
by Spirit     despite inheriting Adamic sinful flesh.

Solomon said:
"A man should eat and drink and enjoy himself".
But God has chosen "the foolish things of the
world, that He might put the wise men to shame"
If a Godly man observes the wisdom from God,
it is impossible for him to worship demon gods.
Sinfulness and corruption are a self-defeating aim.

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