The true meaning of allegorical "Babylon" is still generally misunderstood. Sadly, "Babylon" has become institutionalized in the lives of mankind, and has operated effectively through successive generations. It  stems from deceitful variants of the original Lie     variants that continue to cause mankind much suffering because dispositions inherited from the original "Babylon" remain unchecked.

To find your way out of the pernicious maze that is "Babylon",  it is necessary to identify its origins and functions     that through progressively acquired knowledge ("Signposts") you may distinguish between the deeply-rooted handed-down complexities of its conniving error, and the truth. Having gained a clear understanding of the "Signposts", you will then have the means to escape from cunning indoctrination by "Babylon", now and forever. The evil influence of "Babylon" has already robbed the majority of mankind of spiritual life, and any hope of immortality in the heavenly paradise of God.  Evidence of its destructive influence is revealed in this book, and is further supported by  The Opened "Little Scroll".

Many of the publicly accepted falsehoods of "Babylon" that sustain the hidden forces of oppression today are herein exposed. Among them are the pseudo-'Christian' ideologies developed by "harlot" religions of sectarian "Babylon" to deceive the masses, and the political institutions that support them; all masquerading behind the specious guise of religious 'faith.' Their supporters will soon be revealed for what they are. But before these "veils" of "Babylonian" falsehood could be placed over their heads, they first were conditioned to readily accept subtle deviations from the truth.

This autobiography progresses through a number of "Signposts" to guide the reader where not to tread (figuratively speaking), especially with regard to the family arrangement, so that one is able to perceive the subtle ways of mystic "Babylon" that may not as yet have come to the realization of younger readers.

'If an object that is held in front of the eyes interferes with the vision, it must be removed. For just as long as it is in the way, it is a waste of time to offer such precepts as these: 'Walk thus and so; extend your hand in that direction.' Similarly, when something blinds a man's soul and hinders it from seeing a line of duty clearly, there is no use in advising him: 'Live thus and so with your father, thus and so with your wife. For  precepts will be of no avail while the mind is clouded with error; only when the cloud is dispersed will it be clear what one's duty is in each case. Otherwise, you will merely be showing the sick man what he ought to do if he were well, instead of making him well. Suppose you are trying to reveal to the poor man the art of 'acting rich'; how can the thing be accomplished as long as his poverty is unaltered? You are trying to make clear to a starveling in what manner he is to act the part of one with a well-filled stomach;  the first requisite, however, is to relieve him of the hunger that grips his vitals.

The same thing, I assure you, holds good of all faults; the faults themselves must be removed, and precepts should not be given which cannot possibly be carried out while the faults remain.  Unless you drive out the false opinions under which we suffer, the miser will never receive instruction as to the proper use of his money, nor the coward regarding the way to scorn danger... show him men of wealth who are miserable to the last degree. You must make the coward know that the things which generally frighten us out of our wits are less to be feared than rumour advertises them to be, whether the object of fear be suffering or death.'  (Epistles of Seneca).  I have included this quotation as it conveys the teaching method I have adopted.

Although Seneca wrote on many subjects, exposing the errors that cloud the minds of men, his own clouded viewpoint concerning his gods revealed his own "veil". It prevented him from seeing the very Source and purpose of his own life. As to the Apostle Paul's words addressed to Epicurean and Stoic philosophers, they may be found in Acts 17:18-34. Since 'precepts will be of no avail while the mind is clouded with error;  only when the cloud is dispersed will it be clear what one's duty is in each case', it is wise to test out philosophies and ideologies to discover the errors that exist within them, and so avoid unnecessary suffering.

Experience tends to improve one's ability to reason. And from an early age certain experiences awakened in me a need to know whether a better way existed, and more importantly, a correct way by which one's life should be guided. At the time, fundamental truths required to give one confidence did not seem readily available. As a teenager, I desired spiritual measurements     some definable way by which I might live in peace and enjoy a sense of unity with others. To suffer pain, turmoil, loneliness, and the contradictory philosophies of men, seemed such a waste of life. In my search for the truth, past ideologies and the countless embellishments that have been made to them by men of academic intellect, proved worthless. My understanding of these deceptive man-made teachings, which still cause social divisions today, enabled me to eliminate them from my pursuit of basic truths.

The inconsistencies of their reasoning, while generally accepted among most adults as perfectly satisfactory, confused me most of all. I began to discern that much of their behaviour was, in fact, contrary to spiritual development. In the course of wrestling with these contradictions over the years, the real truth emerged, and my own identity was realized. It enabled me to eliminate the habit-forming constraints to my life that had been handed-down to me, and replace them with freedom borne of the truth.

That the number of years one lives is somehow meritorious and a prerequisite for acquiring wisdom, while paying homage to erroneous examples and hypocritical man-made traditions, is an erroneous belief that must be exposed. Linked to this are the self-glorifying words that learned men use and twist for their own ends. One such example is the frequent use of the qualifying expression 'academic': a word which merely originates from the name that the philosopher Plato chose for his garden !

Through such qualifying expressions, those disposed to self-exalt promote social distinctions in society, segregating people according to class or academic achievement; rather than advocate the peaceful integration of all. Acquisition of knowledge through superior intellect should actually humble one. It should not be used to exalt above or humiliate others.

It is my view that a true account, whether conveyed orally or through the written word, only deserves narration if it serves to educate beneficially; particularly if it teaches good moral principles that may be put to good use. It is the main purpose of this short autobiography     not simply for the benefit of my own family, but for all who read it, especially the young and disillusioned.

If Almighty God allows, this autobiography will continue. But if my God should soon end my life, I think it only prudent that I make known the reason for the matters relating to "Babylon" that I have included in this book     matters which have been included in combination with events in my life. This book begins with how important it is to gain proper control over one's will. It  continues to expose other self-destructive subtleties introduced into people's lives by the evil influence of the "king of Babylon" (satan). Freed from such evil influences, one may then develop "fruitage of the spirit": "Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self-control.  Against such things there is no law."  (Gal 5:22,23).

I also chose this method of writing my autobiography for the reason that it has become abundantly clear to me, after so many years of studying the Scriptures, and by heavenly visitations by Holy Spirit, that many prophecies leading up to the imminent Rule of the Lord God when He shall pour out His Spirit "upon the air"have already taken place.  (Rev 16:17-19). The indignation of God upon the contemptuous rebellion of wicked ones will be felt within them, but shall be a time of release and joy for those who have pursued righteousness. The righteous Spirit of God will enter the spirits of all human creation.  (Isaiah 13:6-9).

There is a "great crowd" of worshippers of Almighty God who are destined to survive this "great tribulation" and be judged as to the "good deed". (Rev 7:9-14.  Rom 13:1-4). In  the "new  earth" this "great crowd" will be judged as to the "good deed" by our Lord The Christ Michael and 144,000 anointed heirs of the heavenly Kingdom of God, with a view to perfecting their spirits also.  (Rev 7:4.  20:4-6.  21:1-4).

May the loving glories of our God be with His servants for ever and ever.  Amen.

R. T.