"If it is the Will of the great Lord,
he will be filled with a Spirit of intelligence;
then he will pour forth wise sayings of his own
and give thanks to the Lord in prayer."

(Ecclesiasticus 39:6 NEB).


The creating of a man's spirit is the work of God,
but only those perfected inherit immortality.

Parents who wilfully ignore the Word of the Lord,
have offspring who wilfully ignore their word in issues that matter.

Foolish parents in contests of rage lose the love of their children.

Fear of the Lord, along with self-discipline, is the first step to wisdom.

The spirit of a nation is one aspect, the spirit of the individual is another,
before the Lord in the Judgement.

The Lord endures our shamefulness, and in return we show Him impatience.

Our worst enemy has many helpers to spread the largest net,
Watchfulness and wisdom will make good one's escape from them.

A contentious wife is loathsome, and is where unhappiness resides.
Those pursued by the flesh of a brazen female are near to ruin.

Self-pride and self-glory are among the most detestable attributes.
They are spirit rebellion.

Dungy idols in human form are detestable to the Lord.

It is not the persecution that we should bless,
but the opportunity to develop in spirit while enduring it faithfully.

Judges who solely dispense punishment ruin many lives.
Those who dispense mercy may save them.

While those researching genealogies merely furnish further questions,
those who have drained out the wrath of God are full of understanding.

Those expecting their earthly father to be faultless will experience disappointment.

Demanding much from others, while giving little in return, is a sin.

Refreshing sleep and sensible measures of good food are healthful.

An obstacle may have a beneficial purpose, but how many see it that way?


- B1 -



Fools hate wisdom, even when it is gift-wrapped.

Affliction can save the spirit of men, even the arrogant and irrational
    bringing them low so that they may gain understanding.

Meditation upon spiritual things slows down a hasty mind.

Anger subsides when one pauses for thought.

While old men reminisce about much that is futile,
Young men must learn to avoid making the same mistakes.

A violent man thinks he is right all the time,
thinking only of the injury he can inflict and throwing caution to the winds.

Worthless thoughts must be instantly dismissed
and replaced with thoughts that are beneficial.

Do not nurse anger, as it could replace your whole nature.
Impetuous actions cause regret, and expose a careless mind.

One who shows instant indifference to others is ostracizing his own soul.
It reveals in him a total absence of love.

The minds of men are sometimes fickle, sureness comes with wisdom.
Stubborn persistence in error hardens the heart until there is no healing.

A wild beast goes its own way regardless, as do tyrants over men,
but tyrants protect themselves with great cunning.

Tyrants have stored up seven future torments for themselves.
They will be caught while still alive.

A calm spirit at all times is a desirable estate.

Do good to one's enemy to defeat evil and make him feel a burning sense of shame.
This is putting "fiery coals" upon his head.

Overeating or heavy drinking, which is worse?  Both are damaging.
Moderation is the discipline of a sound mind.

Gossiping women are a curse upon family life,
only public humiliation and exposure will rid you of them.


- B2 -



Our Lord Jesus provided symbolic language to augment Spirit knowledge,
including knowledge of our enemies, as follows:

The "wild beast" has robbed the poor of justice and extended its boundaries
with satanic authority, ruling politically for 666 years through demonically
inspired men with its "mark" 666.

Aid agencies of the "false prophet" arouse the nations to be
'bandage-dressers' for people struck down by the anger of God.

The "mother of the harlots" originated in ancient Babylon.
Over many generations "she" has veiled the minds of people
and their consciences regarding the Kingdom of God.

Sectarian religions are the "harlot" 'daughters'
of their "mother", "Babylon the great".

The satanic will of the "contemptible creature" was in opposition
to the Holy Covenant of God for a Kingdom of Spirit anointed
priests and judges to rule the earth from heaven.

The "disgusting thing" "trampled" upon faithful anointed sons of God
and removed them. They are the "man of lawlessness" and are standing
in authority in the holy place. This "sacrilegious abomination" against the
Spirit of God is the apostate sect falsely calling themselves Jehovah's Witnesses.

The "Antichrist" chooses to believe that the Son of God is also God,
thereby knowing neither. Refusing to accept The Christ is His
First-born Son is to reject The Christ's God-given authority.

Through their Godless schemes rebel spirits have been made manifest.
They are all gathered to the place that is called in Hebrew Har-Ma.ged'on.
They have all been refined out from everlasting spirit life in the heavenly realm of God.


- B3 -



A husband with an adulterous wife may dismiss her.  She is unclean.

 We have one mediator, our Lord The Christ Michael.
Justice and instruction you should seek from his anointed underpriests.

 Sacrificing a ruined male animal was cursed by God.
How great then the sin of offering up a ruined one to serve as a priest of God?

 To reject anointed priests of God is to rob Him and the nations.
Obeying His priests will bring a blessing until there is no more want.

 A day is coming when you will be able to tell good men from bad,
those serving Him from those who have not served Him,
those with Holy Spirit from those without His holiness.

 How can one's spirit be created without some measure of adversity?
To refine them the "third part" is brought through "fire".

 Knowing and righteously answering the needs of others is showing love.

 The wealthy merely acquire possessions. The faithful acquire immortality.
So why do you complain?  Is it because you have neither?

 Tyrannical rulers create grinding hardship.  Faithless fools sustain it.

 A sharpened blade is dangerous in the hand of a fool,
so too is confidential talk in the ear of a gossip.

 An adulteress seeks both your body and your soul,
trampling on your spirit growth to destroy you.

 The wiles of an unruly woman will rob a man of his dignity.

 The wife who is a glory of a faithful husband is also a delight before God.

 A wise man takes more time over a serious matter than a fool.
For the same reason, take time to find one who is wise.


- B4 -



Each "trumpet" warning has been followed by a "bowl" of the anger of God.
His anger "upon the air" brings the wrath of God to a finish.

 Words that praise the Lord are good.  Deeds of holiness in His Name are better.

 Sacrificing superfluous badness to adjust to a heavenly nature is putting on holiness.
The Word of God is for the readjustment of the holy ones.

 One's being sanctified by God is first symbolized by water baptism,
not by impertinent questions to assess the validity of one's decision.

 A fool boasts about his nature.  A modest person lets his nature speak for him.

 As a dog barks, so arrogance speaks.

 I have seen men memorializing the dead with tributes at cenotaphs,
while disregarding the destitute living nearby in cardboard shelters.

 I have seen men in military uniform given licence to kill,
and murderers without a uniform being executed for doing so.

 Women are always removing dust from their homes.
How often do they collect sentences that give life?

 Many grow old neglecting their obligations to God, their hearing blocked by age-old defiance.
But Jehovah will make them listen by a Spirit of burning shame.

 To supplant a son of God is a disgusting thing.


- B5 -



For showing hatred to His anointed sons, apostates are ostracized by God.
Though they take comfort in a covenant with death, and shelter in greater numbers,
 they have lost their hope in God.

Acting as men, apostate women try to teach sacred things.
Rather than become the glory of God their men-folk become as women.

"Stumbling blocks" are the words and deeds of evil men and women.
They will not escape punishment, for they have caused loss of life.

As the Spirit of God gives instruction through His anointed sons for the congregations,
so apostates lift themselves above God by seeking prominence and authority over them.

Like bird-catchers, apostates use very large nets to trap the spirits of men.
But those trained in Godly wisdom confound them and make their escape.

Whatever degree of wickedness a man serves up to others,
this is what will be served to him during the course of his life.

Apostates refuse Spirit discipline, so will wake as though from a dream,
their souls empty, and their spirits unrecognizable to the Lord.

The "weeds" among men are tyrants.  The "wheat" are those they oppress.
The "fire" of Spirit Judgement will separate them.  Those refined gain immortality.

Famine and plague, suffering and hardship are scourges from God
sent to teach men better ways.  Many are those sacrificed for just a few.

As when the opportunity for salvation by the ark of Noah was closed,
so salvation through the exercise of faith in the "good news" is closed.
A Spirit "flood" of righteousness will sweep away the Godless.


- B6 -