"A man who loves his son will (discipline) him often
so that when he grows up he may be a joy to him.
He who disciplines his son will find profit in him
and take pride in him among his acquaintances.
He who gives his son a good education will make
his enemy jealous
and will boast of him among his friends.
When the father dies, it is as if he were still alive,
for he has left a copy of himself behind him.
While he lived he saw and rejoiced,
and when he died he had no regrets.
He has left an heir to take vengeance on his enemies
and to repay the kindness of his friends.

A man who spoils his son will bandage every wound
and will be on tenterhooks at every cry.
An unbroken horse turns out stubborn,
and an unchecked son turns out headstrong.
Pamper a boy and he will shock you;
play with him and he will grieve you.
Do not share his laughter, for fear of sharing his pain;
you will only end by grinding your teeth.
Do not give him freedom while he is young
or overlook his errors.
Break him in while he is young,
(Discipline) him soundly while he is still a child,
or he may grow stubborn and disobey you
and cause you vexation.
Discipline your son and take pains with him
or he may offend you by some disgraceful act."

(Ecclesiasticus 30:1-13 NEB).


Fathers have a God-given responsibility to educate and discipline their own children      not the children of other fathers. (Deut 6:4-9.  Prov 6:20-23).  If a child is an orphan, this responsibility is shared among all fathers.  (James 1:27).

The consequence of State schooling is that it is enforced upon parents by an autocratic school inspectorate working for the State. It has been shown that the majority of children in State schools receive a substandard education, and without proper parental discipline during the school year become disruptive, argumentative, and generally disobedient to their parents.

In some cases it has led to drug abuse, underage pregnancy, drunkenness, stealing, vandalism, violence, mugging, and suicide. Not being educated and disciplined by their fathers (which includes the use of the rod where necessary), and not receiving necessary spiritual knowledge towards their fear of God, has resulted in widespread rebellion. The reason for the continuing turmoil in State schools is that their form of education is contrary to the Will of our Creator Almighty God.

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