"We can approach God with confidence for this reason:  if we make requests which accord with His Will He listens to us; and if we know that our requests are heard, we know also that the things we ask for are ours."  (1 John 5:14,15 NEB).

"In your prayers do not go babbling on like the heathen, who imagine that the more they say the more likely they are to be heard. Do not imitate them. Your Father knows what your needs are before you ask Him."  (Matt 6:7,8 NEB).

"Again, when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites; they love to say their prayers standing up in synagogue and at the street corners, for everyone to see them.  I tell you this: they have their reward already. But when you pray, go into a room by yourself, shut the door, and pray to your Father who is there in the secret place; and your Father who sees what is secret will reward you."  (Matt 6:5,6 NEB).

"And when you stand praying, if you have a grievance against anyone, forgive him, so  that your Father in heaven may forgive you the wrongs you have done."  (Mark 11:25 NEB).

"In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ give thanks every day for everything to our God and Father."  (Eph 5:20 NEB).

"(Christ) is the Yes pronounced upon God's promises, every one of them.  That is why, when we give glory to God, it is through Christ Jesus that we say 'Amen'."  (2 Cor 1:20 NEB).

"Persevere in prayer, with mind awake and thankful heart".  (From Col 4:2 NEB).

"If any of you falls short in wisdom, he should ask God for it and it will be given him, for God is a generous giver who neither refuses nor reproaches anyone. But he must ask in faith, without a doubt in his mind".  (James 1:5,6 NEB).

'Whatsoever it is that presses you, go tell your Father;  put over the matter into His hand, and so you shall be freed from that dividing perplexing care that the world is full of
.  When  you are either to do or suffer anything, when you are about any purpose or business, go tell God of it... and you have done for matter of caring;  no more care, but quiet, sweet diligence in your duty, and dependence on Him for the carriage of your matters. Roll your cares, and yourself with them, as one burden, all on your God.'  (R. Leighton).

'If you have any trial which seems intolerable, pray,     pray that it be relieved or changed. There is no harm in that. We may pray for anything, not wrong in itself, with perfect freedom, if we do not pray selfishly. One disabled from duty by sickness may pray for health, that he may do his work; or one hemmed in by internal impediments may pray for utterance, that he may better serve the truth and the right.  Or, if we have a besetting sin, we may pray to be delivered from it, in order to serve God and man, and not be ourselves satan's to mislead and destroy. But the answer to the prayer may be, as it was to Paul, not  the removal of the thorn, but, instead, a growing insight into its meaning and value. The voice of God in our soul may show  us, as we look up to Him, that His strength is enough to enable us to bear it.'  (J. F. Clarke).

"Give yourselves wholly to prayer and entreaty;  pray on every occasion in the power of the Spirit. To this end keep watch and persevere, always interceding (1) for all God's people".  (Eph 6:18 NEB).

'It is impossible for us to make the duties of our lot minister to our sanctification without a habit of devout fellowship with God. This is the spring of all our life, and the strength of it.
It  is prayer, meditation, and converse with God, that refreshes, restores, and renews the temper of our minds, at all times, under all trials, after all conflicts with the world. By this contact with the world unseen we receive continual accesses of strength. As our day, so is our strength. Without this healing and refreshing of spirit, duties grow to be burdens, the events of life chafe our temper, employments lower the tone of our minds, and we become fretful, irritable, and impatient.'  (H. E. Manning).

"The Lord is near; have no anxiety, but in everything make your requests known to God in prayer and petition with thanksgiving. Then the peace of God, which is beyond our  utmost understanding, will keep guard over your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus."  (Phil 4:6,7 NEB).

"The prayer offered in faith will save the sick man, the Lord will raise him from his bed, and any sins he may have committed will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to one another, and pray  for one another, and then you will be healed. A good man's prayer is powerful and effective."  (James 5:15,16 NEB).

(1)  INTERCEDE:  Earnestly pray on behalf of others.