OF The Saved And The Abandoned.

While rebels pacify (1) their miserable existence with despicable
entertainments, with self-destroying excusing of their wickedness,
Christ's arrival will awaken their spirits to the real life: Revealing
their emptiness, their spirit hunger and unquenchable thirst.

The "good news" of faith ended with Divinely "appointed times", (3)
When Christ's separating of people ended     his "flocks" complete,
His witnesses submitted their testimony
(4) against all his
wilful enemies, who contemptuously denied the sent paraclete.

Others may yet give glory to God while witnessing fear-inspiring (6)
calamities from God taking place on earth    which may save them.
The greatest offence against our Lifegiver is the worship of idols:
Sectarian "harlots", politicians, pop and film stars from satan stem.

Having active knowledge of His Word and offering spirit
sacrifices to God in praise of Him, is pleasing to the Lord.
Abandoning wickedness and replacing it with righteousness,
With a vow to do His Will     a true sacrifice of loving accord.

The prayers of the habitually wicked are ignored by God,
Such prayers are not holy     merely pleasing to satan,
The Word of The Christ is like a suit that we must fit,
Not altered by superfluous badness to fit a sinful man.

Immortality, living in the paradise of God, is a wondrous victory,
Living forever in His glory, free of pain or fear of one's demise,
Feeling only the constant joy of His unchanging love for us,
Living in a new spirit body, freed from flesh, is the prize.

The destiny of abandoned ones is defined in Second Esdras, (7)
|They will wander ceaselessly and have no settled abode,
Their end is spirit torments where they will learn the truth,
For having refused to repent and despising His Holy code.


  (1) Pacify: To appease, to calm, to satisfy, etc.
(2) Isaiah 29:8.
  (3) See the "Little Scroll" under "Appointed Times"
(4) Rev 11:7 NEB.
  (5) Paraclete: An advocate or legal helper     Holy Spirit.
  (6) Rev 11:13.


(7) 2 Esdras 7:78-87 NEB.