"The conclusion of the matter, everything having been heard, is: Fear the true God and keep His commandments. For this is the whole obligation of man. For the true God Himself will bring every sort of work into the Judgement in relation to every hidden thing, as to whether it is good or bad."  (Eccles 12:13,14).

"Who will not really fear you Jehovah, and glorify your Name, because you alone are loyal? For  all the nations will come and worship before you, because your righteous decrees have been made manifest."  (Rev 15:4).

"…For a certainty I perceive that God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears Him and works righteousness is acceptable to Him."  (From Acts 10:34,35).

"Such are the promises that have been made to us, dear friends. Let us therefore cleanse ourselves from all that can defile flesh or spirit, and in the fear of God complete our consecration."  (2 Cor 7:1 NEB).

"The Kingdom we are given is unshakeable;  let us therefore give thanks to God, and so worship Him as He would be worshipped, with reverence and awe;  for our God is a devouring fire."  (Heb 12:28,29 NEB).

"By faith Noah, after being given Divine warning of things not yet beheld, showed Godly fear and constructed an ark for the saving of his household; and through this faith he condemned the world".  (From Heb 11:7).

"Fear God and pay Him homage; for the hour of His Judgement has come!"  (From Rev 14:7 NEB).

"Then those who feared the Lord talked together, and the Lord paid heed and listened. A record was written before Him of those who feared Him and kept His Name in mind. They shall be Mine, says the Lord of Hosts, My own possession against the day that  I  appoint, and I will spare them as a man spares the son who serves him."  (Mal 3:16,17 NEB).

"Which of you fears the Lord and obeys His servant's commands?  The man who walks in dark places with no light, yet trusts in the Name of the Lord and leans on His God."  (Isaiah 50:10 NEB).

"If you long for wisdom, keep the commandments, and the Lord will give it you in plenty. For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and discipline;  fidelity and gentleness are His delight. Do  not disregard the fear of the Lord or approach Him without sincerity."  (Eccus 1:26  28 NEB).

"The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of knowledge. Wisdom and discipline are what mere fools have despised."  (Prov 1:7).

"Fear the Lord, all you His holy people; for those who fear Him lack nothing."  (Psalms 34:9 NEB).

"Do not become wise in your own eyes.  Fear Jehovah and turn away from bad."  (Prov 3:7).

"Better to be Godfearing and lack brains than to have great intelligence and break the Law."  (Eccus 19:24 NEB).

"Disaster never comes the way of the man who fears the Lord:  in times of trial he will be rescued again and again".  (Eccus 33:1 NEB).