"The whole world from end to end shall see the deliverance of our God. Away from Babylon; (1) come out, come out, touch nothing unclean. Come out from Babylon, keep yourselves pure, you who carry the vessels of the Lord. But you shall not come out in urgent haste nor leave like fugitives; (2)  for the Lord will march at your head, your rearguard will be Israel's God."  (From Isaiah 52:10-12 NEB).

"Get out of her, My people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues."  (Rev 18:4).

"Flee out of Babylon, every man for himself, or you will be struck down for her sin; for this is the Lord's day of vengeance, (3) and He is paying her full recompense… Leave her and let us be off, each to his own country;* for her doom reaches to heaven and mounts to the skies."  (From Jer 51:6 & 9 NEB).

"Like a gazelle before the hunter or a flock with no man to round it up, each man will go back to his own people, every one will flee to his own land.* All who are found will be stabbed, all who were taken will fall by the sword; their infants will be dashed to  the  ground before their eyes, their houses rifled and their wives ravished."  (Isaiah 13:14 16 NEB).

"I hear the fugitives escaping from the land of Babylon to proclaim in Zion the vengeance of the Lord our God."  (Jer 50:28 NEB).

"Babylon the great… drunk with the blood of God's people and with the blood of those who had borne their testimony to Jesus."  (From Rev 17:5,6 NEB).

"O Babylon, you have laid a snare to be your own undoing; you have been trapped, all unawares; there you are, you are caught, because you have challenged the Lord."  (Jer 50:24 NEB).

"Let heaven exult over ("Babylon"); exult, apostles and prophets and people of God;  for in the Judgement against her he has vindicated (4)  your cause!"  (Rev 18:20 NEB).

"The Lord of Hosts has said this: The peoples of Israel (5)  and Judah together are oppressed; their captors hold them firmly and refuse to release them. But they have a powerful advocate, whose Name is the Lord of Hosts; He Himself will plead their cause, bringing distress on Babylon and turmoil on its people."  (Jer 50:33,34 NEB).

"'Alleluia! Victory and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are His Judgements!  He has condemned the great whore who corrupted the earth with her fornication, and has avenged upon her the blood of His servants."  (Rev 19:2 NEB).

"Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!  She has become a dwelling for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit, for every vile and loathsome bird."  (Rev 18:2 NEB).

"Because of this her plagues shall strike her in a single day    pestilence, bereavement, famine, and burning    for mighty is the Lord God who has pronounced her doom!"  (Rev 18:8 NEB)  (See Isaiah 47:9 NEB).

"Therefore evil shall come upon you ("Babylon"), and you will not know how to master it; disaster shall befall you, and you will not be able to charm it away;  ruin all unforeseen shall suddenly come upon you."  (Isaiah 47:11 NEB).

"The great city was split in three; (1)  the cities of the world fell in ruin;  and God did not forget Babylon the great, but made her drink the cup which was filled with the fierce wine of His vengeance. Every island vanished; there was not a mountain to be seen. Huge hailstones, weighing perhaps a hundredweight, fell on men from the sky; and  they  cursed God for the plague of hail, because that plague was so severe."  (From Rev 16:19 21 NEB).

"They will stand at a distance, for horror (6) at her torment, and will say, 'Alas, alas for the great city, the mighty city of Babylon!  In a single hour your doom has struck!'"  (Rev 18:10 NEB).

"Hark, the sound of war in the land and great destruction! See how the hammer of all the earth is hacked and broken in pieces, how Babylon has become a horror (6) among the nations."  (Jer 50:22,23 NEB).

"And Babylon… shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah when God overthrew them. Never again shall she be inhabited, no man shall dwell in her through all the ages… Her time draws very near, and her days have not long to run."  (From Isaiah 13:19 22 NEB).

"The Lord has opened His arsenal and brought out the weapons of His wrath; (7)  for this is work for the Lord the God of Hosts in the land… destroy her, let no survivor be left. Put all her warriors to the sword; let them be led to the slaughter.  Woe upon them!  For their time has come, their day of reckoning".  (From Jer 50:25-27 NEB).

"Make the shambles (8) ready for his (satan's) sons butchered for their father's sin; they shall not rise up and possess the world nor cover the face of the earth with cities. I will rise against them, says the Lord of Hosts; I will destroy the name of Babylon and what remains of her, her offspring and posterity, (9)  says the Lord; I will make her a haunt of the bustard, a waste of fen, and sweep her with the besom of destruction. This is the very word of the Lord of Hosts."  (Isaiah 14:21  23 NEB).

"Therefore her ("Babylon's") young men shall fall in her streets, and all her warriors shall lie still in death that day.  This is the very word of the Lord."  (Jer 50:30 NEB).

BABYLON: AN ORACLE. (10)  (From Isaiah 13:1-22 NEB).
"Raise the standard (11)  on a windy height, roar out your summons, beckon with arm upraised to the advance, draw your swords, you nobles. I have given My warriors their orders and summoned My fighting men to launch My anger;  they are eager for My triumph."  (13:1-3).

"Hark, a tumult in the mountains, the sound of a vast multitude; hark, the roar of kingdoms, of nations gathering! The Lord of Hosts is mustering a host for war, men from a far country, from beyond the horizon. It is the Lord with the weapons of His wrath coming to lay the whole land waste. Howl, for the Day of the Lord is at hand; it comes, a mighty blow from Almighty God."  (13:4-6).

"Thereat shall every hand hang limp, every man's courage shall melt away, his stomach hollow with fear; anguish (12) shall grip them, like a woman in labour. One man shall look aghast (13) at another, and their faces shall burn with shame. The Day of the Lord is coming indeed, that cruel day of wrath and fury, to make the land a desolation and exterminate its wicked people."  (13:7-9).

"I will bring disaster upon the world and their due punishment upon the wicked.  I will check the pride of the haughty and bring low the arrogance of ruthless men.  I will make men scarcer than fine gold, rarer than gold of Ophir."  (13:11,12).


A symbolic expression of God used to describe:


The world empire of sectarian religion.
The commercial trading nations of the world.
Iraq: the modern-day location and fulfilment
of ancient Babylon. (See Revelation 18:1-24).
(2) FUGITIVE:  One who flees.  An exile.
(3) VENGEANCE:  Divine punishment.
(4) VINDICATE:  Provide justification for.
(5) ISRAEL:  Spiritual "land" of the beloved people of God.
(6) HORROR:  Shuddering with terror and loathing.
(7) WRATH:  Denunciation (NWT).
(8) SHAMBLES:  A place of carnage.
(9) POSTERITY:  Future generations, descendants.
(10) ORACLE:  Agency of Divine revelation.
(11) STANDARD:  Flag marking a rallying-point.
(12) ANGUISH:  Excessive pain of body or mind.
(13) AGHAST:  Stupefied with horror.