Children who do not have a close loving relationship with their parents are less likely to disclose to them the misery they are suffering from bullies at school. They soon realize that neither their parents, nor schoolteachers, nor indeed they themselves know why they are being bullied. But what they do know is that attempts to prevent it are failing. In desperation, some children have resorted to suicide.  It is that serious.

I recognize that parents and teachers will resent being warned of the root causes of the intimidation some children suffer from others at school. The root causes are demon spirits that have a controlling evil influence over those with whom they take up residence. These resident spirits then visit their evil disposition upon those not yet occupied by them. Evil spirits use bullies to gain demonic possession and control of those children not yet possessed by them. Through their evil activities, demonically inspired bullies bombard those who refuse to be occupied. The verbal and physical abuse they heap upon their victims is often unremitting.  They show no compassion.

Wise parents free their children from participation in State school education and its attendant miseries, so that by feeling loved again these children are rehabilitated. One of the greatest adversarial systems is that of institutionalized State education. The method adopted by the State against the interests of parents and their children to enforce attendance at a State school is the threat of a court summons for failing to register their children for State education. The State does this without a single legal statute to support their actions or their failing standards of education.

One of the objections raised by parents and their children against home education is the risk of social exclusion from State schoolchildren and their parents. Another objection is the State sponsored work imperative that compels both parents to go out to work to earn enough to live on, precluding them from having the time to properly educate their children. In addition, the State does not wish to encourage home education, so public libraries do not have an adequate stock of educational books for children to be educated by their parents at home.

The accepted norms in society are created through Godless State education     thwarting the God-given prerogative of parents to teach their own children. But those who ignore their parental obligations to teach their own children are wilfully rejecting the Word of God. It was through my experience of industry, the demands of social conformity, and the unproductive activities of schoolteachers and local  education authority officials, that I learned how to bring their deception to light.

The evil expedient used by State educated children and their parents to enforce the segregation of home-educated children is social exclusion. My own son was ostracized by his former school friends, which only served to expose the malevolent fruitage of State school education. In any case, a one-to-one learning relationship far outweighs the economic disadvantages of the large class theory. Indeed, large school classes have become a necessity only because of the negligence of parents and the enforcement agencies of the State "driving others to work."  (Isaiah 14:4).

           The origin of the word school is the Greek word sko.le', meaning leisure. That for which leisure was employed was a disputation, lecture, study, learning; and by metonymy: school. Schooling was not intended as an enforced arrangement; penalizing parents for not sending their children to a State institution. Moreover, the expression State education 'or otherwise' as prescribed by the 1944 Education  Act should not, as now, be applied to home schooling, but should really be applied to State education created by Godless politicians and rebellious parents     for it is they who reject the Will of their Creator by advocating State-controlled education by strangers instead of educating their own children themselves!

Our Creator places upon parents the responsibility of teaching their offspring the true meaning of life     spiritual life as well as physical life. They should train them up in the way they are to go, and this training should be their guide not only in their youth, but also in their old age. (Deut 6:4-7.  1 Tim 2:3,4)  (Eph 6:4.  Prov 6:20-23 & 22:6). In ancient Israel, parents were obligated to begin the training during the child's infancy. (2 Tim 3:14,15). To fulfil this obligation they were to provide education for their children both inside and outside the home. There were no community schools for children in ancient Israel. The home was the school. The parent was to teach by example as well as by precept, and their training was to be a regular and continuous arrangement.  (Gen 18:18,19.  Deut 6:4-7 & 20-25.  Prov 6:20).

In Britain today, only a small number of children are educated at home under the provisions of the 1944 Education Act that sanctions education 'otherwise'. A child's social development also has to be considered, as children whose parents remove them from a State school to educate them at home are viewed with suspicion and are ostracized by State-school children almost immediately.

Such indoctrination is of course a deliberate act of will by the many against the will and freedom of the few. The dispiriting campaign waged against home educators is initiated through the incorrect application of the word academic by the State. By implication, it segregates those who prove themselves by productive work from those so-called academics who merely write about it. I am referring to members of the educational establishment who implement measures to bully lazy and negligent parents with intricacies of the law in order to maintain their self-important positions within the State system. They have proved most conclusively their own inability to teach children good moral standards, as is betrayed by the resulting fruitage: Bullying is common among State-school children, some of whom lead their victims to commit suicide. Drug abuse is also common, as is vandalism and teenage pregnancy.

In addition, Local Education Authorities have been unable to put forward a standard of education that could be tested in law, not even one to suit the State's academically trained judiciary; for the judiciary have conceded that no such 'standard' can possibly exist that takes into account every child's age and ability. The judgement of Lord Alveston set a precedent in the case of Bevan v. Shears (2nd King's Bench Division 1911): 'We have not been referred to any minutes of the Board of Education prescribing that children of a certain minimum age are to receive any particular standard of education. Counsel for the appellant have not been able to refer us to any such document or to any standard of efficiency provided by the Board of Education, nor have we been referred to any authority containing any definition of "efficiency." In these circumstances we decide that it is an answer to a summons for the non-attendance of the child at the authority's school that the child was being properly educated, and that the justices were entitled to find that the education this child was receiving was efficient. The decision of the justices was not wrong because they refused to set up a hypothetical standard of education.' Nor have they been able to set up a standard of education even to this day, 100 years later!  And yet, they are still authorized to carry on failing the children in their care.

The function and intent of State educators has been the imposition of their own will and ideology against the written Word and Will of God, and against the God-given obligations of parents to whom His regulations and Spirit Law have been given for the development of respectable loving families, their happiness and good order. One may ask, what is the alternative for our children's education other than what the State provides? The answer is the education we as parents provide. State educators are the alternative, the 'or otherwise', not parents.

The following is quoted from the book, 'I'm a Stranger Here Myself' by John Seymour: 'To a child such as I was, and such as the O'Connor children were, it is hell on earth     one long ordeal by boredom, and all the time that such children spend hunched over dreary books is time wasted     time that should be the most vital and important of a child's development, when he or she should be learning the real business of life; the business of producing food, caring for the land, producing good artifacts, enriching life for all people on earth, and, in fact, all life itself.'

He goes on to say: 'The present school system is a huge, self-perpetuating, self‑enlarging creation of the National Union of Teachers. It is being run by the N. U. T. for the N. U. T. and not for the children, or the world of the future, at all. We must 'de‑school' society... very urgently otherwise we shall have a whole nation of clerks and scientists and people on the dole and we shall starve to death. To force children like the O'Connor children to stay at what is to them a prison of a school until they are sixteen, when they have learnt everything they wish to from school by the age of ten, is monstrous.'


As to book learning and what really is important,
the following verse sums it up nicely:

From every imperfect soul could come
Some goodness of spirit.
If only men observed its ingredients
And distilled it,
Disposing of the evil dregs.
Now what shall we use?
Good sentences like oxgoads?
    Applied wisely, or painfully?

           You may wonder what life would be like without institutionalized education     whether we would still be groping in the dark ages of ignorance, with too little food or shelter or security, and perhaps even anarchy. In some countries people say a form of anarchy already exists, through the corruption of their political leaders, leading to oppression, deprivation, and the constant threat of genocide     and all through institutionalized education without God. Comparatively few have learned that plenty for all, with lasting peace and happiness, can exist among mankind when Godly principles are administered within families and communities.

Educational establishments of the State do not have The Creator's blessing, so it would be unwise to continue with them. Far better to find or form family groups that have opted out of the State school system as soon as possible, so that your children will have friends who are also being educated at home. Notify the local school authority in writing of your intention to educate your children at home, keep a copy, and make sure your letter is acknowledged in writing. Keep a record of what you are teaching and the written work of your children. It's so easy, and there are no set times or hours. Aim at teaching moral principles, useful subjects, and good communication skills. There is no legal standard to be reached or measured by anyone. Each child is unique     some grasp knowledge early, others later on.

Your love for your children will overcome the obstacles. Do not leave the education of your children to strangers. There exist a number of organizations that give invaluable advice on home education. There are libraries and stores that have ample supplies of textbooks. And, after having educated your children at home, they may wish to attend a college to specialize in a career.  My sons did.