Some years have elapsed since the full complement of the sons of God anointed with His Holy Spirit were gathered and sealed by Him. (Rev 7:1-4). Consequently, according to the revelation of the apostle John, angels of God now have the authority to harm the earth, the sea and the trees. That is why there have been so many great storms, hurricanes, flash floods, forest fires and trees uprooted on such a large scale throughout the earth. The Lord our God has allowed His angels to release the "four winds" of destruction that were held back while faithful anointed ones were being gathered. In addition to this, "four families" of destruction commissioned by God have been sent against Ethiopia and surrounding lands. These four are: Deadly plague, famine, war, and captivity.  (Jer 15:2-4.  See Pages 4/2/85A and 4/2/85B).

All this because nations of the world reject the Spirit Law of God through His Christ (1) (now Michael (2) the Archangel of God). The "new covenant" of God through The Christ made the "Law of commandments consisting in decrees" obsolete. (3)  (Heb 8:10-13) (Eph 2:15. Col 2:13,14). These judicial "decrees" were intended for the Jews.  However, the Ten Commandments of God have not been made obsolete.  (Exodus 20:1-17).

It should be abundantly clear that the political, sectarian, and business leaders of this world are guilty of ruining the earth. (See Rev 11:18). But their Godless dispositions and the measures they take are in accordance with the Godless aspect and will of the people over whom they rule. Angels of God are consequently allowing many to be destroyed and by various means.

The period for gathering and sealing the full number of 144,000 (4) anointed sons of God began at the inauguration of the "new covenant" of God through Christ for a Kingdom of heavenly priests and judges (5) and ended in 1982 (6) when the "appointed times" were fulfilled. (7)  During those "times", enemies of faithful anointed ones were revealed and thrown out of the "temple courtyard" for having proven to be apostates when they "trampled" and usurped the authority of the last anointed sons of God on earth. (8)

When the full complement of 144,000 faithful anointed sons of God are resurrected to heaven, they will administer the Spirit righteousness of God to those remaining on earth according to His "Way of Holiness" (Isaiah 35:8-10).



The Great Storm of 1987 wrecked 15 million trees in Britain.
Today the French are learning to live with the loss of 360 million.

Like a scene from some nuclear apocalypse. The aftermath of a hurricane that tore
out a nation's heart. 
Flattened: The Haye forest near Nancy after the hurricane.

(Daily Mail.  Friday, January 21, 2000).



The Christ: The first anointed one. (There are in total 144,001 anointed ones).

(2) Michael: The Christ's heavenly name before and after his life on earth.  

Jews who offended against the decrees of the Mosaic Law were punished. But  these decrees were made obsolete by The Christ. The "new covenant" through The Christ does not consist of such decrees or punishments.

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