"Do not be conceited or think too highly of yourself; but think your way to a sober estimate based on the measure of faith that God has dealt to each of you."  (Rom 12:3 NEB).

"For from inside, out of a man's heart, come… arrogance… evil things come from inside, and they defile the man."  (From Mark 7:21-23 NEB).

"Never be arrogant, for fear you fall and bring disgrace on yourself;  the Lord will reveal your secrets and humble you before the assembly, because it was not the fear of the Lord that prompted you, but your heart was full of hypocrisy."  (Eccus 1:30 NEB).

"An arrogant man deals in mockery and insults, but retribution lies in wait for him like a lion."  (Eccus 27:28 NEB).

'As a dog barks, so arrogance speaks.'  (R. Thomas).

"Handle pitch and it will make you dirty;  keep company with an arrogant man and you will grow like him."  (Eccus 13:1 NEB).

"Care as much about each other as about yourselves. Do not be haughty, but go about with humble folk.  Do not keep thinking how wise you are."  (Rom 12:16 NEB).

"Indeed, all of you should wrap yourselves in the garment of humility towards each other, because God sets His face against the arrogant but favours the humble. Humble  yourselves then under God's mighty hand, and He will lift you up in due time."  (From 1 Peter 5:5 NEB).

"I will bring disaster upon the world and their due punishment upon the wicked. I  will  check  the pride (1) of the haughty (2) and bring low the arrogance (3) of ruthless men."  (Isaiah 13:11 NEB).

"The origin of pride is to forsake the Lord, man's heart revolting against his Maker; as  its origin is sin, so persistence in it brings on a deluge of depravity. Therefore the  Lord  sends upon them signal punishments and brings them to utter disaster."  (Eccus 10:12,13 NEB).

"Pride comes before disaster, and arrogance before a fall."  (Prov 16:18 NEB).

"The day comes, glowing like a furnace; all the arrogant and the evildoers shall be chaff, and that day when it comes shall set them ablaze, says the Lord of Hosts, it shall leave them neither root nor branch."  (Mal 4:1 NEB).

"On that day, Jerusalem, you shall not be put to shame for all your deeds by which you have rebelled against Me; for then I will rid you of your proud and arrogant citizens, and never again shall you flaunt your pride on My holy hill." "And I shall certainly let remain in the midst of you a people humble and lowly, and they will actually take refuge in the Name of Jehovah."  (Zeph 3:11,12 NEB & NWT).



Having too high an opinion of oneself.  Exhibition of this in one's attitude or conduct.


Proud, arrogant.


Making or implying unwarrantable claims to dignity, authority, or knowledge;  aggressive conceit, presumption, or haughtiness.