"These spirits were devils, with power to work miracles. They were sent out to muster all the kings of the world for the great day of battle of God the Sovereign Lord So  they assembled the kings at the place called in Hebrew Armageddon." (1)  (Rev 16:14,16 NEB).

"Let all the nations hear the call to arms and come to the Valley of the Lord's Judgement; (2) let all the warriors come and draw near and muster there;  for there I will take My seat and judge all the nations round about."  (Joel 3:11,12 NEB).

"Then I will gather all nations and bring them down into the Judgement Valley, where I shall assign them their doom for the treatment of My people and of Israel My heritage, because they scattered My people among pagans and divided up My land."  (Joel 3:2 Moffatt).

"Wait for Me, therefore, says the Lord, wait for the day when I stand up to accuse you; for Mine it is to gather nations and assemble kingdoms, to pour out on them My indignation, (3) all the heat of My anger;  the whole earth shall be consumed by the fire of My  jealousy."  (Zeph 3:8 NEB).

"And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered to wage the war with the one (4)  seated on the horse and with his army."  (Rev 19:19).

"But the nations became wrathful, and Your own wrath came… the time to destroy those who destroy the earth."  (From Rev 11:18 NWT & NEB).

"I saw an innumerable host of men gathering from the four winds of heaven to wage war on the man (5) who had risen from the sea… On hearing his voice, all the nations will leave their own territories and their separate wars, and unite in a countless host with a common intent to go and wage war against him Then I saw that all who had gathered to wage war against the man were filled with fear, and yet they dared to fight against him."  (2 Esdras 13:5 NEB)  (Also: 13:33,34 & 13:8 NEB).

"On that day, when at length Gog comes against the land of Israel, says the Lord God, My wrath will boil over… I will summon universal terror against Gog, says the Lord God, and his men shall turn their swords against one another.*  I will bring him to Judgement with pestilence and bloodshed;  I will pour down teeming rain, hailstones hard as rock, and fire and brimstone, upon  him, upon his squadrons, upon the whole concourse of peoples with him."  (Ezek 38:18 & 21  23 NEB).

"On that day a great panic, sent by the Lord shall fall on them.  At the very moment when a  man would encourage his comrade his hand shall be raised to strike* him down."  (Zech 14:13 NEB).

"Approach, you nations to listen, and attend, you peoples… for the Lord's anger is turned against all the nations and his wrath against all the host of them: He gives them over to slaughter and destruction."  (Isaiah 34:1,2 NEB).



The last decisive battle between the powers
of good and evil on the Day of Judgement.
(2) JEHOSHAPHAT (NWT):  Jehovah is Judge.

INDIGNATION:  God's righteous anger against injustice and wickedness.

(4) The Word of God. The Christ Michael.  (Rev 19:13).
(5) The Son of Man. The Christ Michael.