Interesting to note is that our Lord Jesus often spoke by way of illustrations, not only for the benefit of those listening, but for all mankind. He used parables and symbolic language to teach and encourage us to embrace wisdom and learn the true meaning of human life.

Poetry that reveals the meaning of the spiritual language used in the Holy Scriptures is the ultimate treasure to those who grasp it. Spiritual teachings are like stepping stones, giving one the means to understand even greater truths     for out of a few firmly established truths others are derived.

Recognizing that a natural consequence of poetry is abbreviation, writing about spiritual matters in the form of verse has proven to be a great challenge. I was encouraged to read in 'New Bearings in English Poetry' by F. R. Leavis that: 'Poetry can communicate the actual quality of experience with a subtlety and precision unapproachable by any other means.' I believe that good poetry should enlighten the discerning reader in a beneficial and lasting way. The Oxford Dictionary defines poetry as the 'elevated expression of thought or feeling in metrical of rhythmical form'.

The source of many of the poems on this website is The Opened "Little Scroll" of Revelation 10:1-11. Some  of these poems are based on scriptural teachings expounded in the "Little Scroll" as corrective countermeasures against apostate error being taught by sectarian enemies of God.

The scriptural source of many of the poems is provided, and is based on the following Bible translations:

The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (NWT),
The New English Bible (NEB).

Although the scriptural rendering in these translations may sometimes differ, their overall contextual meaning rarely does.

R. Thomas.